Unveiling the Power of AI in Shielding Businesses from Phishing Threats: A Comprehensive Guide for Leaders

In today's hyper-connected digital world, businesses encounter a relentless stream of cyber threats, amongst which phishing attacks are amongst probably the most insidious and widespread. These deceptive schemes aim to use human vulnerability, often...

Adobe launches ‘ZenStudio’, AI for creating advertisements for businesses

Adobe announced a recent marketing platform based on artificial intelligence (AI). The reason is that the marketing process, which used to take several months from content planning, production, distribution, and result evaluation, might...

ByteDance’s video editor CapCut targets businesses with AI ad scripts and AI-generated presenters

CapCut, the ByteDance-owned video editing app that’s the corporate’s second to hit $100 million in consumer spending after TikTok, is now expanding into business tools. Known today for its easy-to-use templates, tight integration with...

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