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Stock price crash, mistaken answer admission, and internal criticism… Shaking Google

Stock price crash, mistaken answer admission, and internal criticism… Shaking Google

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Google is shaking.

Google, which responded to Microsoft’s announcement of a recent Bing search last week with its chatbot ‘Bard’, was met with a search error and a subsequent plunge in stock prices contrary to expectations. Eventually, the person in charge acknowledged the error and apologized, and inside Google, it was identified that it was hasty.

“This sort of artificial intelligence (AI) sometimes exhibits what we call hallucinating,” said Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vp at Google. (Local time below) It was revealed in an interview with German media Welt am Sontag.

On the sixth, Google officially announced the launch of a recent search engine ‘Bard’ based on generated AI lambda, and demonstrated the function two days later in Paris, France. At this meeting, Bard replied that the James Webb Space Telescope was ‘used to photograph planets outside the solar system for the primary time’, but in accordance with NASA, this turned out to be an incorrect answer.

Within the aftermath, Google’s stock price plummeted greater than 10% in two days, and nearly $100 billion (roughly 127 trillion won) was withdrawn.

Vice President Raghavan acknowledged Bard’s error, saying, “Considered one of our necessary missions is to reduce this phenomenon.”

As for the timing of the bard’s public release, he said: “There’s obviously a way of urgency, but in addition an excellent responsibility. We don’t need to mislead the general public.” When Google unveiled Bard, it said it might make it available to the general public in the approaching weeks, following feedback from trusted testers.

Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vice president of Google, explains AI search technology.  (Photo = YouTube Google channel 'Google presents : Live from Paris' capture)
Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vp of Google, explains AI search technology. (Photo = YouTube Google channel ‘Google presents : Live from Paris’ capture)

Internal criticism can be fierce. CNBC reported on the tenth that Google employees are complaining through Memegen, an internal bulletin board.

Google employees are particularly critical of Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, saying that Bard’s disclosure was too hasty. Some employees later discovered concerning the bard’s disclosure through the media, and a few employees identified that the event was rushed to the purpose that they forgot their phone for the announcement.

As well as, the post that identified that the recent layoffs and the connection, “the commonality of bard disclosure and layoffs is poor, short-sighted, and hasty” received support from many employees, he said. A sarcastic post also appeared saying, “I fired 12,000 people and raised my share price by 3%, but I blew off 8% by rushing out an AI presentation.”

Regarding this, TechCrunch, an expert media, identified on the eleventh that ‘Google is losing control’.

To start with, he said that the bard’s announcement was made so urgently that it was inconceivable to ascertain for errors within the presentation prematurely, and that the general public schedule, which users consider necessary, was missing. Particularly, since Google knows best that chatbots reminiscent of ChatGPT and Bard do nonsense sometimes, mistakes are more fatal, he said.

Due to this fact, it’s analyzed that the stock price crash this week will not be because Bard made an error, but because investors are dissatisfied that Google is so weak that it cannot check it.

TechCrunch analyzed that although Google, which is ahead of Microsoft with 92% to three% in global search share, is unlikely to collapse, the truth has been revealed through this incident. It is alleged that the explanation why they’ve been silent, reminiscent of making Lambda private, was not due to their confidence in technology and strategy, but because of straightforward reticence and arrogance. In consequence, Google identified that it left a ridiculous corporate image.

As well as, he said that too quickly exaggerating technology that has not proven to be as invaluable as people would really like to consider could leave a giant problem not only for Google, but for your complete tech industry.

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