Altman's criticism increases in Silicon Valley… “He's attempting to turn into the Alexander the Great of AI”

While OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is understood to be in search of to draw latest investments value $100 billion (roughly 135 trillion won), dissatisfaction is reportedly growing amongst Silicon Valley investors. In reference...

Open AI ‘GPT-4’ technical report lacking substance…Expert criticism rushed

Open AI 'GPT-4' technical report lacking substance...Expert criticism rushed

Addressing criticism, OpenAI will now not use customer data to coach its models by default

Because the ChatGPT and Whisper APIs launch this morning, OpenAI is changing the terms of its API developer policy, aiming to deal with developer — and user — criticism. Starting today, OpenAI says that it...

Tesla Criticism Ad Appears at Super Bowl

A paid commercial criticizing Tesla's concept of 'Fully Autonomous Driving (FSD)' appeared within the Super Bowl (NFL Championship Match) broadcast, which is watched by greater than 100 million people, and is a hot topic....

Stock price crash, mistaken answer admission, and internal criticism… Shaking Google

Google is shaking. Google, which responded to Microsoft's announcement of a recent Bing search last week with its chatbot 'Bard', was met with a search error and a subsequent plunge in stock prices contrary to...

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