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Using available off-the-shelf AI services, I ended up making this video. I walk through the method and discuss some implications

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Everyone seems to be talking about generative AI, so I assumed why not attempt to create a whole hands-off project from just generative AI? All I’m going to offer is prompts every time needed and let the AI do its thing.

Here is the method that I followed

  1. Asked ChatGPT to create a script
  2. Asked a text-to-speech generative AI to convert the script into an audio
  3. Asked MidJourney to create an Avatar of a narrator
  4. Ask audio-to-video generative AI to generate video from the avatar and audio.

Here is the tutorial on easy methods to make all of it occur —

Everyone has used ChatGPT by now so I wont waste time on this part. But, if you’ve got been living under a rock; register an account on and begin talking 🙂

I asked to write down a script concerning the “rise and fall of Elon Musk” — I didn’t get the recent details of Elon’s life but whatever, I just needed a script. Below is the script generated by ChatGPT.

Elon Musk, the person behind Tesla, SpaceX and plenty of other groundbreaking corporations. He’s the epitome of innovation, however the road to success wasn’t all the time easy.

Within the early 2000s, Elon Musk began his first company Zip2, a platform that provided business directories and maps to news publishers. The corporate was sold for nearly $300 million.

Elon Musk went on to create PayPal, which revolutionized the best way we transfer money online. PayPal was sold for a staggering $1.5 billion.

His next enterprise was Tesla, the electrical automobile company that has modified the automotive industry perpetually. Tesla was met with skepticism, but Elon Musk’s vision and exertions paid off. Today, Tesla is value billions and is taken into account one in all the most respected automobile corporations on the planet.

Elon Musk’s vision to colonize Mars and make space travel more accessible to the masses led him to create SpaceX. The corporate has made history with its reusable rockets and its plans to send humans to Mars.

Despite his many successes, Elon Musk has also faced several controversies. From tweets that resulted in legal battles to his erratic behavior on public platforms, Elon Musk’s rise to fame has been accompanied by a fall from grace.

Despite the controversies, Elon Musk stays one of the influential figures within the tech industry. His vision and determination have modified the world and proceed to encourage others to pursue their dreams.

The rise and fall of Elon Musk serves as a reminder that success is just not all the time a smooth journey, nevertheless it’s the perseverance and determination that ultimately defines our legacy.

For this experiment, I went used the service which allows converting text to high-quality speech. You get 10,000 words of free credits which is sweet enough to check it. But given the trial and error, I ended up using just about all of my quota to generate audio that was 1.37 minutes long. I ended up using the bottom stability to permit variation within the tone. Downloading audio was a breeze.

Source: Writer

Downloading audio was a breeze-

Source: Writer

It was a 64-bit audio. Very clean in nature using the premade voices. If it fancies you to create audio in your personal voice, please be happy to upload samples of your personal voice to the platform and it can mimic your voice. I even have not tried it yet, but I will probably be working on it soon so stay tuned and follow me.

Currently, this platform only supports the English language, nonetheless, they’re planning so as to add sequentially Polish, Spanish, and German languages by the tip of Q1, 2023. Remember, free tier subs must attribute ElevenLabs by including “” or “” within the title every time publishing any content generated on the platform.

The platform offers various tiers of services. At $22/month to $99/month (a variety from 100,000 words to 500,000 words ~ 2 to 10 hrs of content produced) may sound like a sweet spot for a lot of the small-scale producers.

Source: Writer

MidJourney has been a go-to easy-to-do art creation tool for a lot of. Identical to ChatGPT so long as you might be on their platform they permit you to create a number of arts by providing a prompt. I gave an easy prompt to the image generator –


Someway my prompt generation was stuck at 93% but I made a decision to simply use a picture cropped from the one. I ended up using the one on the underside left. My image input ended up being a 234x234px square image of 72kb. I used to be a bit apprehensive about low resolution, but that is an experiment, so I made a decision to simply use it as is.

Source: Writer via MidJourney

To generate the video from the audio that I got from and the Avatar I cropped from the image above; I used services from

D-ID has been one of the advanced generative-video platforms commercially available to everyone. They’ve tiers from lite to Enterprise. For those who are serious about creating content using generative AI, none of the worth points made much sense to me. 10 min per thirty days @ $6 to 65 min per thirty days @ $300 are absurdly priced. This pricing almost assures that only those that have established businesses or have a income to generate greater than the monthly cost will give you the chance to learn from this platform.

Source: Writer

Setting that aside, I uploaded the image and the audio to the platform from a quite simple interface. I created a video; using the add button, uploaded the image, and using the “audio” button on the fitting side, uploaded the audio.

Source: Writer via d-id studio

I didn’t should worry concerning the speed/tempo of the audio or the pitch or anything of that kind. The lip-syncing worked out of the box.

One note, lets you upload a script and use their very own audio too so going through the is just not essential but I liked the standard of their voice.

In any case the steps above (took about 45 minutes to finish all of the steps). I ended up with a video.

Source: Writer

Generative AI within the hands of an individual with an hour to spare has created the above video which is an awesome technological feat in itself. I didn’t write a single line of code; just used free credits.

Nonetheless, I shouldn’t have malicious intent (you understand where I’m going with it). A small to medium-sized company with a business model of constructing it hell for everybody could easily get enough funding and might develop a ton of videos that might potentially blanket the airwaves and a focus span of those that are unaware of the leaps and bounds of technology.

I throw that cautionary word on the market, please concentrate on the source of the videos within the recent future. Discuss with your older parents or grandparents. Ask them to seek the advice of with you before trusting whatever is seen over the vast expanses of the web. Have an awesome day


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