Teamsparta introduced ChatGPT-based ‘AI Tutor’ for coding lectures


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Edutech start-up Team Sparta (CEO Lee Beom-gyu) announced on the thirteenth that it introduced the ChatGPT-based ‘AI Tutor’ service to the web coding lecture ‘Sparta Coding Club’ environment.

AI Tutor is a service that enables students to reply questions and answers in real time with AI about errors or problems they encounter throughout the learning process. When a student asks a matter, it presents a solution based on the lecture material that she or he has familiarized with prematurely, and it’s characterised by recommending questions by culling out the contents which might be prone to be asked moreover.

Currently, AI tutors will be present in free lectures reminiscent of Sparta Coding Club’s signature lecture ▲Comprehensive web development class ▲Create a web site in 10 minutes with ChatGPT. Teamsparta announced that it’s preparing quickly in order that students can use it in all lectures in Sparta Coding Club.

Teamsparta is actively using ChatGPT throughout its services. In February, the ‘AI Code Check’ function was introduced to the community’s immediate Q&A on the homepage. In March, we developed ‘EasyGPT’, an AI service using ChatGPT, with students. EasyGPT is a site that brings together a straightforward service where you possibly can receive chat GPT answers on various topics reminiscent of ▲GPT English study ▲wine suggestion ▲music curating.

The recently launched free lecture ‘Create a web site in 10 minutes with ChatGPT’ achieved greater than 3,500 applications in at some point, recording greater than 4 times the variety of applications in comparison with the prevailing free lecture. Since then, because of continuous requests from students, lectures reminiscent of clone coding using ChatGPT, work automation, and stock data evaluation were also presented.

Lee Beom-gyu, CEO of Teamsparta, said, “In the long run, how well you should utilize AI, reminiscent of ChatGPT, will probably be considered one of the necessary indicators for evaluating your capabilities.” “I’ll do my best to make it,” he said.

Reporter Juyoung Lee


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