Kim Jun-ha, Director of AI Industry Convergence, lectures on MoT and ChatGPT

On the seventeenth, Kim Jun-ha, head of the AI ​​Industry Convergence Project, gave a lecture on the best way to make presentations and task materials using MoT (Mobility Object) technology and ChatGPT under the...

Teamsparta introduced ChatGPT-based ‘AI Tutor’ for coding lectures

Edutech start-up Team Sparta (CEO Lee Beom-gyu) announced on the thirteenth that it introduced the ChatGPT-based 'AI Tutor' service to the web coding lecture 'Sparta Coding Club' environment. AI Tutor is a service that enables...

Maso Campus, video lectures for complete conquest of ChatGPT

Maso Campus (CEO Kim Jin), a digital specialized educational institution, announced on the ninth that it had released a video course titled 'Understanding and Utilizing AI-Prompt Engineering to Conquer ChatGPT', a video course that...

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