Tesla Criticism Ad Appears at Super Bowl


The sight of a Tesla automobile not recognizing safety signs (GIF=Don Project YouTube capture)

A paid commercial criticizing Tesla’s concept of ‘Fully Autonomous Driving (FSD)’ appeared within the Super Bowl (NFL Championship Match) broadcast, which is watched by greater than 100 million people, and is a hot topic. A businessperson posted it along with his own money to publicize the risks of FSD.

CNN included advertisements on this 12 months’s Super Bowl broadcast on the thirteenth (local time) to tell concerning the dangers of Tesla FSD technology and urge regulation. It was reported that it was aired locally.

The 30-second promoting video shows scenes by which a Model 3 automobile, which Tesla has been promoting as a ‘FSD’ vehicle, crashes right into a safety sign or an experimental dummies on the road.

He then criticizes why the Kyoto Road Safety Agency (NHTSA) allows it, claiming that “Tesla’s FSD is endangering the general public with deceptive marketing and pathetically clumsy technology.” [관련 영상]

The ad is certainly one of a series of commercials that Dan O’Dowd, CEO of an organization called The Money Project, is making with tens of millions of dollars of his own money to dissuade Tesla’s “FSD” claims. A spokesperson for the Don Project told CNN that the ad cost $598,000. Don Project is an organization that produces and supplies military software.

O’Dowd can also be producing and distributing videos testing other defects in Tesla cars, saying he desires to make computer-controlled driving systems safer for humans.

“Allowing Tesla’s software on public roads is a large threat to safety,” he said in an announcement. Criticized.

In truth, Tesla’s FSD function is evaluated as level 2 to three of autonomous driving that stays in driving assistance. Accordingly, the California state government banned Tesla from using the phrase FSD starting this 12 months. It is predicated on the judgment that it’s an exaggerated commercial.

At the top of November last 12 months, Tesla announced that it will distribute FSD software to 160,000 cars in North America for $15,000 (about 20 million won). Around the identical time, a Tesla automobile driving with the FSD function turned on on Highway 80 within the San Francisco Bay Area, California suddenly braked and eight cars collided, leading to an accident by which 9 people were injured.

Consumers also filed a class-action lawsuit in San Francisco federal court in September, alleging that Tesla had falsely advertised FSD software since 2016.

Jeong Byeong-il, member jbi@aitimes.com


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