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The Jobs AI Will Never Replace

The Jobs AI Will Never Replace

It’ll not replace the deep connection you are feeling with an old friend.

It’ll not replace your sense of wonder upon learning something latest, beholding the splendor of the cosmos.

It’ll not replace the fun of wrestling the trout from the waters as you stand hip-deep within the rushing river.

It’ll not replace the achievement you are feeling when standing astride the summit, the mists rolling beneath you want a sea of clouds.

It’ll not replace the surge of accomplishment while you see the Starscourge lay fallen by your strategem.

It’ll not replace the delight of crafting something together with your own hands.

It’ll not replace the aroma of your perfectly-baked focaccia as you remove it from the oven, ready for the guests.

It’ll not replace the touch of your dog’s slippery nose along your fingers.

It’ll not replace the bliss of your lover asleep in your arms, their breath softly heaving.

It’ll not replace your awe as you watch your newborn take their first breath.

It’ll not replace the sense of responsibility as you deliver the eulogy, overwhelmed by what was vital in a life.

You’re the universe experiencing itself:

AI won’t replace you living an earnest and mindful life.



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