Pictory Review (July 2023): The Best AI Video Generator?


Are you a content creator looking to reinforce your videos but lacking the budget to rent an editor? When you’re bored with spending countless hours on video editing tasks and wish to turbocharge your workflow, then Pictory is the game-changing solution you’ve got been waiting for.

This comprehensive review looks at Pictory, a revolutionary AI video creator that can change the way you create and edit videos. On this Pictory review, we’ll explore its most important features (e.g., turning a whole blog post right into a video or immediately making highlight reels), uncover its pros and cons, and far more.

Get able to discover how Pictory will be the last word tool to take your video creation to latest heights!

What’s Pictory?

In a nutshell: Pictory is the last word solution for effortless video marketing!

Harnessing the ability of Artificial Intelligence, Pictory magically transforms long-form content into short, highly shareable branded videos in minutes. It routinely extracts “golden nuggets” of content buried in your Zoom and Webinar recordings, putting your content to be just right for you.

Whether you desire to share charming snippets on social media platforms or turn your scripts into engaging sales videos, Pictory has you covered. Watch your blog posts come to life as Pictory converts your entire article into engaging videos, adding latest life to your written content.

Did you already know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute? That’s why Pictory routinely adds captions to your videos for max reach and engagement. Say goodbye to spending hours manually adding captions yourself.

Pictory offers a free trial, allowing you to explore its excellent features without breaking the bank. So why wait? Unlock the potential of Pictory and revolutionize your video marketing efforts today!

Best Pictory Features

Pictory features.

Pictory has a set of video editing features to make stunning videos.

Script to Video Creation

The benefits of Pictory's Script to Video creation.

Best for:

  • YouTubers
  • Marketers
  • Content Creators

When you’re a YouTuber or video marketer, the Script to Video feature will prevent a number of time! Upload a script, and in under a minute, watch Pictory use AI to show your written content into charming visuals that align together with your script.

Once complete, edit the video the way you like by swapping out stock footage, adding graphic elements, text, and more. You may even record your personal voice so as to add narration or get an AI voice to do it for you.

The Script to Video feature is a big time saver for somebody making YouTube videos and needs so as to add B-roll to their videos quickly and simply or marketers who want to teach others on their product.

Blog to Video Creation

The benefits of Pictory's Blog to Video creation.

Best for:

Pictory can transform blog posts (or any piece of written content on the Web) and transform them into charming videos. Blog to Video is ideal for embedding into long content that some people may not need to read.

With the magic of AI, Pictory summarizes the important thing points of your article, turns it into subtitles, and adds the suitable stock footage to accompany it. From there, you possibly can edit it nonetheless you want, from selecting stock footage from their extensive library to adding AI narration and background music!

Edit Videos Using Text

Edit videos quickly and easily using Pictory.

Best for:

  • Editing webinars
  • Editing podcasts
  • Editing Zoom recordings

With Pictory, you possibly can routinely add subtitles, make cuts, create video highlights for social media, and add custom branding.

Editing a script using Pictory.

Some videos are easier to edit through text, especially long videos with a number of talking. Pictory will routinely highlight all of the cringe-inducing “uhs” and “ums” from a video, so you possibly can immediately delete them out of your subtitles.

Deleting unwanted words from a script automatically using Pictory.

Pictory permits you to seek for any unwanted words. It’ll show you the way many are within the text and let you delete them.

Create Shareable Highlight Reels

Creating shareable highlight reels using Pictory.

Best for:

  • Trailers
  • Highlight reels on social media

Short-form video content is the biggest marketing trend, and Pictory couldn’t make producing one of these shareable content easier.

Selecting what percent of a video Pictory will auto highlight.

All you’ve gotten to do is upload a video and click on “Auto highlight.” Select one among the chances, and Pictory will use AI to trim the video all the way down to the very best percentage of the video!

Portions of the video Pictory has highlighted.

My video was trimmed down from almost 4 minutes to around thirty seconds. Be happy to edit which parts of the script you’d like to focus on.

This feature is ideal for creating highlight reels on popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram to focus on key moments in a video quickly.

Video Marketing Masterclasses

Video Marketing Masterclass page on Pictory.

To aid you out, Pictory offers educational masterclasses on its website, catering to marketing novices. These masterclasses include informative videos covering essential marketing topics like video marketing strategies, brand development, and video production suggestions.

Pictory Hall of Fame

The Pictory Hall of Fame.

The Pictory Hall of Fame is a treasure trove of inspiration. When you’re in search of real-world examples of how others like you’ve gotten used Pictory to their advantage, look no further.

Categories include:

  • Coaches & Teaching
  • YouTube Creators & Bloggers
  • Course Creators & Social Media Managers
  • Marketers & Agencies

Pictory Test

To give you a radical evaluation of Pictory, I put each feature to the test. Pictory’s tools are incredibly easy to make use of and are available with a tutorial video.

Script to Video

Script to Video generator on Pictory.

Best for:

  • Educational videos
  • Listicle videos
  • Coaching videos
  • Step-by-step guides

The Script editor on Pictory.

1) When choosing “Script to Video,” you’ll begin within the Script editor. Name your video and upload the written content (the script) you prefer to in your video.

Adjusting the Pictory scene settings.

2) Select your scene settings by selecting whether or not you would like Pictory to auto-highlight keywords, select the visuals for you, or create latest scenes on sentence breaks, line breaks, or each.

Selecting a template style in Pictory.

3) Select a template style.

Choosing an aspect ratio using Pictory.

4) Select a facet ratio based on where you’ll share your video.

5) Once chosen, video generation will begin.

Pictory generated a three-and-a-half-minute video with captions, stock footage, and background music for me in under one minute!

Every part will be edited inside Pictory, from changing the background music to finding alternative footage, adding graphics, and more.

Article to Video

Article to Video generator on Pictory.

Best for:

  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • HTML articles

1) Copy and paste the article URL from which you prefer to Pictory to create a video.

An article broken down into scenes on Pictory.

2) After waiting under a minute, Pictory could have extracted the important thing points from the article and broken them into appropriate video segments you possibly can edit. Once you’re pleased, click “Next” to proceed.

3) Select a template style and aspect ratio to your video.

After just a few seconds, you’ll have a whole video with captions, stock videos, and pictures! You may now edit it to your liking.

Edit Videos using Text

Editing videos using text on Pictory.

Best for:

  • Adding subtitles
  • Cutting parts of the video
  • Video highlights
  • Adding a logo, intro, and outro

Adding a YouTube video link or uploading a video/audio to Pictory.

Experiment with a demo video, paste a YouTube link or upload a video out of your computer.

Visuals to Video

Turning visuals into video on Pictory.

Best for:

  • Creating short videos using multiple images and videos out of your computer

Changing the sequence of videos using Pictory.

  1. Start by uploading your files.
  2. Click and drag to alter the sequence.
  3. Select a template and aspect ratio!

After just a few seconds, you should have a video using the footage and pictures uploaded with background music you possibly can now edit.

This feature is a wonderful alternative for individuals who need to edit videos but don’t have the technical software or know-how.


  • AI Capabilities: Save money and time by profiting from Pictory’s AI features (turn text into videos, create highlight reels, remove awkward silences, routinely add subtitles, and more!)
  • User-friendly: Pictory has a clean and easy interface, making it easy for beginners.
  • Different aspect ratios: Pick from popular aspect ratios equivalent to 16:9, 9:16, or 1:1 for wherever you intend on sharing your video. These ratios are perfect for uploading to popular social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • Flexible video editing: Delete scenes, trim videos, add voice-over, and more to make the video look how you would like it to!
  • Facebook Creator Community: Connect with others within the Pictory community to share suggestions, video creations, and more.
  • Cloud-based: Never worry about losing your edits; edit the identical videos on different devices.
  • Fast video rendering: Pictory’s video rendering process takes under one minute!
  • Free trial: Benefit from Pictory’s free trial (create three videos which can be 10 minutes long) and see if it’s best for you!


  • Videos lack engagement: The most effective-performing videos are more personal. Because the videos use stock footage, they could lack the engagement people seek.
  • Basic image manipulation features: If you desire to do sophisticated edits, there are other options than Pictory. It could possibly be a very good start line, but sophisticated edits are limited with Pictory.
  • AI voiceovers may sound inauthentic: AI voiceovers are helpful but may sound inauthentic.
  • Lack of area of interest image recognition capabilities: Sometimes, the video segments have to be more accurate, especially with specific images.


Pictory monthly pricing.

Pictory monthly subscriptions

Pictory annual pricing.

Pictory annual subscriptions.

With Pictory’s free trial, you possibly can generate three video projects, each with a generous duration of as much as 10 minutes! No bank card is required to start with Pictory AI.

Once that trial is up, Pictory offers three plans that may either be paid monthly or annually.


Price: $23/month or $19/month billed annually

  • 1 user
  • 30 videos monthly
  • 10-minute-long text-to-video projects
  • 10 hours of video transcription
  • 1-hour of existing video recording editing
  • 3 customizable branded templates
  • 5,000 music tracks
  • 34 text-to-speech AI voices

The Standard plan is best for beginners just starting with video.


Price: $47/month or $39/month billed annually

  • 1 user
  • 60 videos monthly
  • 20-minute-long text-to-video projects
  • 20 hours of video transcription
  • 3-hour of existing video recording editing
  • 10 customizable branded templates
  • 10,000 music tracks
  • 60 text-to-speech AI voices
  • Seamless synchronization of voice-overs
  • Routinely highlights key video moments
  • Smooth integration with Hootsuite
  • Convenient bulk downloads of videos to CSV format

The Premium plan is best for skilled creators and small to medium-sized firms.


Price: $119/month or $99/month billed annually

  • 3 users
  • 90 videos monthly
  • 30-minute-long text-to-video projects
  • 20 hours of video transcription
  • 3-hour of existing video recording editing
  • 20 customizable branded templates
  • 15,000 music tracks
  • 60 text-to-speech AI voices
  • Seamless synchronization of voice-overs
  • Routinely highlights key video moments
  • Smooth integration with Hootsuite
  • Convenient bulk downloads of videos to CSV format
  • Features for sharing and collaborating

The Team plan is best for video creation teams who need to share and collaborate.

If the Pictory pricing doesn’t be just right for you, consider these alternatives.

Pictory Alternatives

Pictory is one among many AI video generators available on the market. It might be price having a take a look at a few of these alternatives.


Synthesys homepage.

Key Features:

  • Enhance video content in minutes with high-quality output
  • User friendly interface
  • Uses Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) technology to rework scripts into engaging media presentations
  • Create videos with AI lip-syncing technology
  • Pick from 69 human avatars
  • 140+ languages
  • 254 unique voice styles
  • Full customization

With Synthesys, you possibly can effortlessly enhance your video content in minutes. Utilizing Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) technology, it seamlessly transforms scripts into charming media presentations, offering AI lip-syncing technology, 69 human avatars, 140+ languages, 254 unique voice styles, and full customization options for a customized experience.


Synthesia homepage.

Key Features:

  • Create and edit videos quickly and simply
  • 70+ AI avatars, or create one specific to your brand
  • 50+ templates, or create a custom template that aligns together with your brand
  • 60+ languages
  • Captions included

Regarding brand consistency, Synthesia stands out as an exceptional AI video generator. Create your personal unique avatar and template to your brand to face out from the competition. It also has quick and simple video and editing capabilities, a big selection of AI avatars, multilingual support, captions, and more!


InVideo homepage.

Key Features:

  • Easy interface
  • Drag and drop
  • Multiple languages
  • High-quality stock footage
  • Customizable templates

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, InVideo allow users to create skilled videos effortlessly. Plus, InVideo supports multiple languages and offers high-quality stock footage and customizable templates, empowering users to craft engaging content easily.

Who Should Use Pictory?

Pictory is ideal for all video and content creators, from beginners to professionals!

Content Creators

Pictory is good for all content creators, particularly YouTubers!

Pictory video creation permits you to quickly and simply make B-roll to your videos that align together with your words. You can even upload your long-form videos and switch them into highlight reels to post on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other short-form video platforms.


Regarding blogging, it’s all about keeping your bounce rate to a minimum. Adding videos to blog posts could be a huge game-changer!

Use the Blog to Video feature to show articles into videos. Embed them near the highest of your articles so people can select to look at or read your content.

Social Media Marketers

Pictory’s impressive videos are tailor-made for social media platforms, boasting:

  • Short duration
  • Fascinating visuals
  • Automatic captions
  • Different aspect ratios for multiple platforms

These qualities make videos made with Pictory appealing, ensuring successful marketing videos across any platform!

Pictory AI: Definitely worth the Investment?

For content creators and social media marketers who ceaselessly need video editing solutions, Pictory emerges as a top contender. Its robust features and AI tools offer a strong and efficient editing experience, streamlining the content creation process.

While Pictory will not be free, the investment is worth it for professionals relying heavily on frequent video editing. Nevertheless, for those in search of a video editing tool for private use, other image processing tools is likely to be more suitable, given Pictory’s give attention to business-oriented functionalities.

Whether creating charming videos to your brand or managing social media campaigns, Pictory provides the tools and ease to raise your content and interact your audience. Benefit from Pictory and unlock latest possibilities to your video editing endeavors!


Is Pictory price it?

Yes, Pictory is price it for professionals relying heavily on frequent video editing. It isn’t the very best option for individuals who need a video editing tool for private use.

How good is Pictory AI?

Pictory is top-of-the-line AI video generators online! It’s ideal for skilled users who need to routinely generate concise and simply shareable branded videos from extensive content, all done routinely.

Which is best, Pictory or InVideo?

InVideo has a wider range of templates and features, improving it overall. Nevertheless, content creators may prefer Pictory for its user-friendliness.

What are the advantages of Pictory?

Pictory saves you time through its AI strategy of extracting useful information from articles and remodeling them into engaging videos optimized for social media. This cloud-based software lets you create beautiful videos that captivate audiences and drive traffic.

Can I exploit Pictory without cost?

Pictory offers a complimentary trial plan, allowing you to try the platform and experience its features firsthand. Through the trial, you possibly can create three video projects with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

What does Pictory do?

Pictory uses AI to revolutionize your content marketing strategy by converting long-form content like blogs, webinars and podcasts into compelling highlight reels ready for sharing on social media. Pictory amplifies video visibility of your long-form content in a format perfectly suited to social engagement.

How you can access Pictory AI without cost?

Go to Pictory and choose the button to begin your free trial! No bank card is required; you possibly can generate three video projects for as much as 10 minutes.

Can I exploit Pictory on my phone?

Pictory is best used on a desktop or laptop personal computer.

Does Pictory use AI?

With the assistance of AI, Pictory permits you to generate videos effortlessly. For instance, you possibly can upload a blog article and switch it right into a video or upload an extended video and create a highlight reel to share online in seconds.

Is Pictory AI free?

Pictory has a free trial where you possibly can create three video projects with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

What can Pictory AI do?

Pictory AI has loads of uses, including:

  • Create charming video highlights from webinars, video podcasts, and more
  • Transform blogs into summary videos
  • Edit webinar recordings or demo videos by modifying the text transcript
  • Routinely add video captions
  • And more!


What are your thoughts on this topic?
Let us know in the comments below.


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