Gwangju City Starts Phase 2 Project to Create Korean-style AI Valley


Gwangju Artificial Intelligence Data Center currently under construction. (Photo = Artificial Intelligence Industry Convergence Project Group)

Gwangju City (Mayor Kang Ki-jeong) has began to determine a business strategy for the second stage (2025-2029) of the substitute intelligence (AI) cluster. The goal is to create a world-class AI industry convergence valley.

To this end, town of Gwangju will hold a briefing session on the launch of the second-stage business planning service on the twenty first, and can complete the second-stage project until February next yr with the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency, the AI ​​Industry Convergence Project Group, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which was chosen as a service provider. It was announced on the tenth that it will start the business.

So as to apply for a preliminary feasibility goal project to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance this yr, Gwangju City promptly proceeds with ▲1st stage performance evaluation and 2nd stage advancement necessity evaluation ▲2nd stage vision and roadmap establishment ▲facility equipment construction plan ▲business feasibility evaluation ▲opinion gathering activities plan to exit.

Gwangju City plans to form an authority advisory group with the Ministry of Science and ICT, operate a working-level committee to discover key issues and derive strategies, and work groups for every subdivision to review detailed strategic tasks to derive a complicated strategy.

As well as, the Gwangju City Artificial Intelligence Industry Committee will probably be held this month to gather various opinions for the advancement of the substitute intelligence industrial ecosystem. Kim Yong-seung, head of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Division, said, “Gwangju, equipped with artificial intelligence and future cars as each wings, will establish a two-step business strategy in order that technology, human resources, industry and demonstration will be connected as one.” We’ll prepare for the prompt implementation of a preliminary feasibility study and securing project funds in order that the phase 1 project will be promoted without interruption following the phase 1.”

Meanwhile, the primary phase (2020-2024) project of the substitute intelligence complex, which is being created within the high-tech district 3 from 2020, builds infrastructure akin to the world’s top 10 cutting-edge artificial intelligence data center and demonstration equipment, supports artificial intelligence startups, and nurtures talent. We’re promoting various projects to create an ecosystem akin to

As well as, the National Artificial Intelligence Data Center, a core facility of the cluster complex, is scheduled to open in October and start service. The demonstration/startup constructing will probably be accomplished next yr.

Reporter Hojeong Na


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