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Edtech Startup CLASSUM Expands into Corporate Productivity Platform

Edtech Startup CLASSUM Expands into Corporate Productivity Platform

From left to right: Choi Yu-jin and Lee Chae-rin, Co-CEOs of CLASSUM

In a daring move driven by its recent surge in growth, CLASSUM, the revolutionary education and knowledge-sharing platform led by CEO Lee Chae-rin and Choi Yu-jin, has revealed its strategic expansion plans. Constructing upon its success as an education platform, CLASSUM is about to evolve right into a comprehensive corporate productivity powerhouse.

The platform’s astounding growth trajectory has been nothing in need of remarkable. In only 18 months, the variety of university lectures delivered through CLASSUM’s proprietary solution has soared by a staggering 422%. Furthermore, in comparison with January 2022, the platform has witnessed an over 330% increase in postings and a remarkable 410% surge in interactions, amassing a powerful repository of over 800,000 contributions. 

CEO Lee Chae-rin disclosed that “while CLASSUM was traditionally utilized as a communication tool or integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMS) with a communication-centric focus, the recent trend has seen its integration as a Knowledge Management System (KMS) in corporate environments.”

The corporate’s cutting-edge AI Dot 2.0 technology goals to reinforce productivity, making it equally useful for educational institutions in addition to businesses. 

Often dubbed because the ‘Kakaotalk (or Slack) of the Education World,’ CLASSUM offers a specialized communication platform tailored to the unique needs of the education sector. Unlike businesses that commonly utilize platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, the education world relies heavily on email and messenger services. Nevertheless, this reliance poses challenges, hindering effective communication, efficiency, and the utilization of amassed data. 

To deal with these obstacles, CLASSUM has introduced features comparable to selective anonymity, an intuitive SNS-style user interface (UI), and collaborative challenge functionalities. These revolutionary elements facilitate successful knowledge exchange and foster seamless communication through the strategic incorporation of live sessions, video-on-demand(VOD), quizzes, surveys, and versatile course design, which have resulted in a powerful influx of over 300 questions and answers inside just 4 months of a single educational course. 

CLASSUM has taken things a step further by integrating the ‘AI Dot,’ an automatic response system that pulls upon internal data moderately than relying solely on internet-based data like other AI solutions. This unique approach offers users the flexibility to trust and utilize responses backed by verifiable sources.

Beyond real-time communication, CLASSUM also offers a comprehensive dashboard that displays amassed communication data. This useful resource allows for in-depth analyses of individual educational courses, worker activity trends, and the identification of trending topics—transforming CLASSUM right into a hub for sharing knowledge and expertise. 

Undeniably, CLASSUM’s value extends beyond the confines of the education sector. Not only does it empower educational organizations and mentoring initiatives, however it also offers businesses the means to perpetually share knowledge and know-how, driving tangible results. 

Looking ahead, CEO Lee Chae-rin foresees the substantial impact of AI-based work environments on corporate productivity. As data becomes increasingly crucial, she believes that breaking down employees’ “psychological barriers” to data sharing, knowledge exchange, and questioning is important to amassing essential data. 

For firms, utilizing CLASSUM’s AI Dot optimizes responses to repetitive questions and reduces the time spent on information searches, allowing employees to give attention to core tasks. Because the question-and-answer data accumulates, AI Dot’s ability to handle inquiries improves, freeing up useful time spent on repetitive query responses.

“By incorporating CLASSUM’s AI Dot, enterprises can reduce response times to repetitive questions and knowledge searches, freeing up invaluable time for workers to give attention to core tasks. Because the AI accumulates data from question-and-answer interactions, its ability to handle inquiries grows exponentially, enabling employees to take a position more time in essential responsibilities,” said Lee Chae-rin, the CEO. 

Moreover, AI Dot streamlines information searches during work tasks. While employees previously struggled to locate essential files inside individual folders, AI Dot now fetches the relevant information in response to worker questions, saving useful time spent on information searches.

CLASSUM’s exponential success has garnered significant attention each locally and globally. Corporations comparable to Samsung, LG, DB Group, and institutions including Seoul National University, KAIST, and Yonsei University, amongst others in 32 countries worldwide, have embraced and incorporated CLASSUM into their each day operations.

As a testament to its accomplishments, CLASSUM’s revenue has tripled in comparison with the previous yr, reaching impressive heights in the primary quarter of this yr, nearly matching its entire annual revenue from the previous yr. Its influence has expanded even further, with a growing presence in america, propelling CLASSUM into recent territories and provoking further international expansion.

“Our core mission is to foster an environment of sharing knowledge, facilitating open dialogue, and inspiring collective growth.”

By transcending traditional educational technology, CLASSUM is setting its sights on becoming a ‘Growth Tech’ powerhouse, catering not only to the academic sector but additionally to the various needs of corporations and individuals in search of constant growth and development.

With the promise of breaking down barriers to knowledge sharing, ‘CLASSUM is poised to redefine the way in which institutions and businesses communicate, collaborate, and flourish within the dynamic landscape of the digital era. Because the platform continues to chart an ambitious path forward, its influence guarantees to go away an indelible mark on each the world of education and company productivity.

By Ju young Lee 

이주영 기자 juyoung09@aitimes.com


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