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ChatGPT Reimagines 7 Harry Potter Characters with Midjourney

ChatGPT Reimagines 7 Harry Potter Characters with Midjourney

Image on the correct created with Midjourney and edited with Canva

AI can assist you bring book characters to life.

The outcomes may be terrible or good based on how much detail you add to your prompt. That’s why I used ChatGPT to generate an in depth description of Harry Potter characters after which I gave those descriptions to Midjourney to see what they’d appear like in real life.

Listed below are the outcomes.

Note: Click here to see similar images but with 7 Game of Thrones characters. To learn find out how to create AI art as shown in this text, check this guide.

Harry Potter

I asked ChatGPT to present me only facial expression for this primary character. Here’s what I got.

a small and thin boy with a skinny face. He has round glasses, untidy black hair that’s perpetually sticking up, brilliant green eyes, and a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his brow

The outline that ChatGPT generated of Harry as a child was good. Midjourney did also an excellent job generating the face overall, apart from the scar. I’m undecided whether those things on the cheeks are speculated to be the scar, but, in any case, there’s no scar on the brow.

Besides the haircut, I believe the boy could be an excellent Harry. He even jogs my memory a little bit of Daniel Radcliffe when he was a child.

Ron Weasley

Now let’s go to the subsequent level and, besides facial expression, let’s add body features and likewise clothing based on what ChatGPT suggests.

a tall and gangly boy, with brilliant red hair and a smattering of freckles across his face. He has a protracted nose, lanky limbs, and a rather awkward gait. He wears his school uniform, which consists of a black robe, white shirt, and striped tie

I liked the way in which Midjourney generated that Hogwarts uniform. It’s not as I remember it from the flicks nevertheless it’s exactly what’s described within the books (in keeping with ChatGPT): black robe, white shirt, and striped tie.

The facial expression were OK. I ponder how it would look if we bring this image to life through the use of AI tools to create a highly-customized AI animated avatar as I did in a previous tutorial.

Hermione Granger

I attempted so as to add more details as I did with the image of Ron Weasley, but the outcomes weren’t pretty much as good.

a woman with bushy brown hair, brown eyes, and outstanding front teeth wearing her school uniform, which consists of a black robe, white shirt, and grey sweater

Now, this looks like a Pixar character.

Irrespective of what keywords I added to the prompt, I couldn’t get Midjourney to generate a really realistic image of Hermione Granger.

Anyway, the image generated still has the facial expression and the garments described. We just would never know if she has “outstanding front teeth” with this picture. Anyway, I don’t remember Emma Watson with outstanding front teeth, so we are able to say Midjourney didn’t disappoint on this one.

Rubeus Hagrid

a giant man almost twice as tall as a standard man and a minimum of five times as wide. He looked just too big to be allowed, and so wild–long tangles of bushy black hair and beard hid most of his face. He often wears a moleskin overcoat and a pair of leather boots that come as much as his knees

This image is one among my favorites. It’s like a badass version of the nice Hagrid from the flicks.

All the things looks neat. The peak, size, beard, clothes … apart from the hair. I used to be expecting more bushy black hair that hides most of his face. Still one among my favorites.

Professor Severus Snape

Besides the facial expression and clothing, let’s add the personality of the character within the prompt.

a tall and thin man with greasy, shoulder-length black hair and a sallow complexion. He has a pointy nose, dark eyes, and a skinny mouth that is usually set in a sneer. He wears long, flowing black robes that sweep the bottom, and his voice is described as cold and silky, with a slight hint of malice that adds to his ominous demeanor. His physical appearance is usually described as being intimidating and somewhat unpleasant

He looks intimidating to me! I’m undecided about unpleasant though.

ChatGPT described Snape’s voice as cold and silky, with a slight hint of malice. We are going to never know if our character has that voice, but be happy so as to add it yourself using Elevenlabs as explained in my step-by-step tutorial. It’ll be fun!

Concerning the facial expression and clothing, I believe we don’t have anything to complain about.

Professor Albus Dumbledore

an old man with long silver hair and a beard that tucks into his belt. He has a crooked nose and brilliant blue eyes. he’s tall and straight-backed. He wears a protracted, flowing robe that’s decorated with starry patterns and glittering embroidery, and he carries a wand that’s fabricated from elder wood and accommodates a phoenix feather core. he has an air of wisdom

This one is effective, nevertheless it looks like from a fairy tale or more like one among the paintings I remember seeing within the Harry Potter movies.

Bonus: Lord Voldemort

I knew this one wouldn’t end well beforehand, but I did it for the fun of it.

a tall and thin man with chalk-white skin that’s stretched tight over his angular features. He has snake-like slits for nostrils, and his eyes are described as red and snake-like, with cat-like pupils. He has no hair or eyebrows, and his fingers are long and skeletal, with nails which are described as being like claws. He wears long, flowing robes in black

And that’s it! 7 Harry Potter characters reimagined by ChatGPT and Midjourney. What’s your favorite?

Note: To generate images like these you have to use Midjourney. Check this step-by-step tutorial for more information. Within the prompts add keywords like “realistic portrait” or “live-action” to avoid generating cartoon images.



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