Sambanova Launches Custom Generative AI Chip ‘Suite’ for Enterprise


Sambanova executives including CEO Rodrigo Liang (center) (Photo=Sambanova)

American startup Sambanova Systems has launched a latest generative artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor product.

TechCrunch reported on the first (local time) that Sambanova has unveiled ‘SambaNova Suite’, a platform for constructing and providing AI models customized for businesses.

In accordance with this, the feature of Sambanova Suite is that it’s a low-power and high-efficiency chip tailored to the AI ​​software stack that firms and governments actually wish to use. It supports each open source and specific generative AI models to assist businesses meet their specific needs.

“We provide custom products that support complex models reminiscent of PyTorch, TensorFlow and GPT, in addition to AI models that firms really need to make use of,” said Sambanova CEO Rodrigo Liang. “These custom chips deliver continuous machine learning and inference capabilities. By making it possible, we will keep the information of generative AI up thus far.”

The platform includes software in addition to a chip, which helps solve comprehensive problems reminiscent of ▲customization for company-specific data ▲the power to supply accountable and explainable AI ▲customized training for organizations.

(Photo = Sambanova)
(Photo = Sambanova)

“Sambanova Suite is built to inform you exactly how an AI model got here to a certain conclusion,” said Liang. When you should see why something happened in a certain way, you may actually work through the flow and see the outcomes.”

TechCrunch explained that many startups are competing in the sphere of AI chips along with large firms reminiscent of Nvidia, the strongest player, in keeping with the generative AI boom. Sambanova, Cerebras, Graphcore, Nubia, Halo, and Wave Computing are among the many leading groups.

Particularly, Sambanova, established in 2017, is a unicorn company (corporate value of 1 trillion won) that succeeded in attracting an investment of 676 million dollars (about 889 billion won) in April 2021. It also maintained its top spot within the hardware sector rankings recently announced by skilled media AI Startups.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun


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