Tesla raises rumors over internal sharing of customer vehicle videos


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Tesla has been criticized for distributing videos of customer vehicles. Tesla employees are being criticized after it was revealed that they privately shared the video taken by the camera mounted on the shopper’s vehicle.

Reuters reported on the sixth (local time) that some Tesla employees secured video taken by the camera of a customer vehicle between 2019 and 2022 and shared it through an in-house messenger. The report was written based on interviews with nine former employees of Tesla.

It is claimed that the video of a customer vehicle shared by them incorporates a person approaching the vehicle naked or a video of a toddler colliding with a bicycle.

A video of a submersible that Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought for $968,000 (about 1.28 billion won) at an auction in 2013 was also included, but Tesla reportedly refused to verify it.

“It’s morally reprehensible,” said David Chopnis, executive director of the Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy at Northeastern University in Boston. can,” he said.

As well as, lawyer Carlo Pilz criticized, “In keeping with European data protection and privacy laws, it is going to be difficult to seek out legal justification for vehicle records to be disseminated internally.”

A former Tesla worker who responded to a Reuters interview said, “I used to be stressed after I was using a Tesla vehicle,” and “Individuals who knew how much data this vehicle could collect were anxious.”

As well as, seven former Tesla employees said, “The pc program showed the placement of the recording,” and “potentially, it could tell where the owner of the vehicle lived.”

In keeping with reports, the Tesla camera system has been embroiled in several controversies in recent times. Tesla vehicles are equipped with eight cameras that may record video of individuals passing by in addition to contained in the vehicle.

“This practice violates company policy,” said a Tesla manager.

Reuters, meanwhile, stated in its article that “we were unable to acquire video or images of the incident and will not confirm whether this continues to be happening.”

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