Gwangju City, Google Cloud Korea, Chonnam National University, Fostering AI Talents

Gwangju City (Mayor Kijeong Kang), Google Cloud Korea, and Chonnam National University (President Jeong Seong-taek) are recruiting trainees for the 'Google Cloud AI Camp for Chonnam National University' until the twenty eighth. This program, which...

Ministry of Science and ICT, Began Fostering Advanced AI Semiconductor Talents… Announcement of Latest Establishment and Choice of 3 Graduate Schools

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong-ho) announced that it could implement the Artificial Intelligence Semiconductor Graduate School Project to nurture advanced masters and doctors in the factitious intelligence (AI) semiconductor industry...

KCA Promotes Cooperation with Busan City to ‘Nurture Digital Talents’

KCA Promotes Cooperation with Busan City to 'Nurture Digital Talents'

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