“AI global market size in 2030 can be KRW 1,800 trillion… it’s going to reach 9 times the scale in 2023.”

It's predicted that the worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) market size will grow nine-fold from $150.2 billion (roughly 200 trillion won) in 2023 to $1.3452 trillion (roughly 1,800 trillion won) in 2030. It is...

“AI PC will reach 60% of total PC shipments by 2027”

It's predicted that 'artificial intelligence (AI) PC', which has been in the marketplace since late last 12 months, will change into mainstream in 2027, 4 years later. It is anticipated that it should...

Urban Accessibility — Easy methods to Reach Defibrillators on Time

When interpreting these results, I would love to emphasise that, on the one hand, defibrillator accessibility will not be directly linked to heart-attack survival rate; judging that effect is beyond each my expertise and...

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