A Weekend AI Project: Object Detection with YOLO on PC and Raspberry Pi

Running the Latest YOLO v10 Model on Different HardwareComputer vision could be a vital a part of ML apps of various scales, from $20,000 Tesla Bots or self-driving cars to smart doorbells and vacuum...

Running Local LLMs and VLMs on the Raspberry Pi

Get models like Phi-2, Mistral, and LLaVA running locally on a Raspberry Pi with OllamaTo wrap all of it upAt this point we're just about done with the goals of this text. To recap,...

Collecting Data with Apache Airflow on a Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is All You NeedOften, we'd like to gather some data inside a certain time frame. It might be data from the IoT sensor, statistical data from social networks, or something else....

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