Reinforcement Learning: an Easy Introduction to Value Iteration

Solving the instance using Value IterationVI should make much more sense once we complete an example problem, so let’s get back to our golf MDP. We've formalised this as an MDP but currently, the...

Vertical AI: The following logical iteration of vertical SaaS

Paris Heymann Contributor More posts by this contributor Acquisition, retention, expansion: Why SaaS founders must understand GDR and NDR Metrics that matter: 3 KPIs to trace on the trail to profitability At Index Ventures, we view the emergence of...

Linear Regression without iteration (Mathematical Intuition)

Let’s understand the issue statement before diving into the actual conceptEach regression problem is given X and Y values, and after training with a specific algorithm, it predicts the Y(i) based on the X(i)....

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