Data King holds ‘Metabus Busan City’ sales event for public institutions

Data King (CEO Park Seon-gyu) announced on the 2nd that it is going to hold a Busan City real estate rental event in '360 Hexa World', a metaverse platform exclusively for creators, until the...

Busan Techno Park establishes Busan joint pavilion at 'Smart Energy Week'…Supports exhibition of 5 corporations

Busan Techno Park (President Kim Hyeong-gyun) announced on the twenty third that it can establish a joint pavilion with Busan City at 'Smart Energy Week Japan', Asia's largest renewable energy exhibition, and support the...

Data King, Hexa World Busan City update…”Advanced citizen participation metaverse platform”

데이터킹(대표 박선규)은 메타버스 플랫폼 '360헥사월드' 부산 시티맵을 업데이트, 언제 어디서든 접속할 수 있는 메타버스 환경을 구축했다고 1일 밝혔다. 데이터킹은 디지털 트윈 기술을 이용, 국내 도시 랜드마크를 360헥사월드 안에 재현하고 있다. 서울과 부산에 이어 인천과 제주...

KCA Promotes Cooperation with Busan City to ‘Nurture Digital Talents’

KCA Promotes Cooperation with Busan City to 'Nurture Digital Talents'

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