Rapid AI Advances Highlight Critical Global Tech Skills Shortage

For an ideal example of just how quickly technology evolves, look no further than ChatGPT.While artificial intelligence, chatbots, and virtual assistants were hardly recent concepts prior to ChatGPT launching, it managed to take the...

Rolls-Royce advances into solar drones…applies for brand new technology patent

It has been reported that Rolls-Royce has entered the sphere of solar-powered drones. News specialist Bnn reported on the twenty sixth (local time) that Rolls-Royce submitted a patent application for solar-powered drone manufacturing technology to...

With Generative AI Advances, The Time to Tackle Responsible AI Is Now

In 2022, corporations had a mean of 3.8 AI models in production. Today, seven in 10 corporations are experimenting with generative AI, meaning that the variety of AI models in production will skyrocket over...

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