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ZEPETO introduces 2D animation-style avatars

ZEPETO introduces 2D animation-style avatars

ZEPETO Animation 2D Avatar (Photo=Naver Jet)

Naver Jet (CEO Kim Dae-wook, Kim Chang-wook) announced on the eleventh that they are going to introduce a latest 2D animation style avatar along with 3D avatars on the metabus platform ‘ZEPETO’.

3D avatars are ZEPETO’s core competitiveness, and greater than 400 million users are repeating latest attempts through avatars and realizing their imaginations on the platform.

Naver Jet said that it has provided 2D animation avatars along with 3D avatars to satisfy various user needs. It’s an evidence that based on the avatar know-how that has been steadily upgraded while operating ZEPETO, 2D animation avatars have been implemented.

Comparison of ZEPETO LIVE (Photo = Naver Jet)
Comparison of ZEPETO LIVE (Photo = Naver Jet)

Compatibility with existing 3D avatars was also saved. All 56,000 ZEPETO worlds and eight.65 million items implemented in 3D may be applied to animated avatars.

ZEPETO said that the ‘ZEPETO LIVE’ service, which communicates with other users, can be growing rapidly and becoming a latest driving force. ZEPETO Live was launched in January of last yr and is getting used in six countries: Korea, Japan, the USA, Indonesia, Thailand, and France. By the primary half of this yr, greater than 700,000 ZEPETO Lives were performed, and the cumulative variety of plays exceeded 350 million. In comparison with the identical period last yr, the variety of users increased 30 times.

Kim Dae-wook, CEO of Naver Jet, said, “ZEPETO animated avatars at the moment are expected to resolve the difficulties of many individuals who needed to spend quite a lot of time and money to challenge themselves as a VERTUBER.” It also has its own technology for recognizing mirroring motion, so we expect to supply probably the most convenient technical tool for users entering the virtuber market.”

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com



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