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Welcome Adelina, AI chatbot based on ChatGPT

Welcome Adelina, AI chatbot based on ChatGPT

ADAMANT Messenger has recently launched its newest feature, Adelina, an AI chat assistant based on ChatGPT. It is a game-changing feature that enhances the chat experience for users and sets ADAMANT Messenger other than other messaging apps.

Adelina is a chatbot that uses advanced natural language processing technology to grasp and reply to users’ queries. It may perform various tasks like drafting emails or other writing pieces, writing Python code, answering questions related to a set of documents, supporting conversations, tutoring in numerous subjects, translating languages, composing poems, simulating characters for video games, and far more.

With Adelina and other progressive features, ADAMANT Messenger is poised to turn out to be the go-to messaging app for users who value privacy and business.

Note: OpenAI company may read your conversation to enhance the chat engine. For details, see ChatGPT FAQ.

Download ADAMANT Messenger and have a pleasure talk with Adelina. While we’re testing this feature, it’s free. No OpenAI’s ChatGPT account, no API keys, no phone numbers and no other account identifiers. Privacy with Adelina.

For those who are latest to a decentralized concept and need some help, see Easy methods to start with a Blockchain Messenger.

List of PWA v3.3.0 release and iOS app v2.9.0 updates:

Note: in case you’ve used ADAMANT web app earlier, a browser may cache an old version. Clear it — use Ctrl + Shift + R in Chrome for example. The iOS latest app delivery within the App Store could also be late for 1–2 days. You’ll be able to start a chat with Adelina manually by her address: U11138426591213238985.

PS. Yes, Adelina wrote a component of this text.



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