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WAM Evolves to WAM 3.0

WAM Evolves to WAM 3.0

WAM is introducing a recent and improved UI&UX landscape, by incorporating AI with the most recent research in human-centered design to create a recent standard within the Web3 gaming industry.

The saga of WAM began in 2019 with the launch of , the non-blockchain iteration. However it was in 2021 when WAM truly got here into its own with the introduction of — the blockchain version. The pace of innovation and progress on the planet of blockchain technology is astounding, and WAM has been on the forefront of this evolution.

Today, we stand on the cusp of a recent era with — a version that englobes the Web3 world for a decentralized, open, and trustless future. With WAM 3.0, we’re ushering in a recent era of transparency, security, and decentralization that can fundamentally change the best way we interact with technology.

is shaking up the decentralized gaming industry and setting a recent standard for what a Web3 gaming platform needs to be. Using the cutting-edge technology of , adding the primary version of and loads more surprises — we’re not only leveling up the gameplay, but additionally leveling up the in a trustless way. We’ll empower the community by giving them the tools to take control of their gaming experience.

The brand new app boasts that matches our gamers’ style. The AI features shall be rolled out step by step after the update and can include an that gives unique and difficult gameplay experiences for players, for tournaments to make sure fairness in competitions and fast reward distribution.

Players will have the opportunity to create or buy custom giving them the flexibility to totally personalize their gaming experience. In any case, who doesn’t like to showcase their personal style of their gaming world?

🧬 To secure the ecosystem’s long-term value and stability, WAM is exploring revolutionary ways to make the $WAM token more scarce 🔥 and a % of tournament fees, marketplace transaction fees, and NFTs shall be burned, making it a useful asset for our

The updates will roll out in phases all of the features shall be added step by step. This method will be sure that the platform is thoroughly tested and bugs are caught and stuck in time, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for our players. And that the ultimate product is at high standards and meets the needs of our users.

1️⃣ Our recent update features a refreshed design that prioritizes each aesthetics and user-friendliness. Players will find it easier to navigate the platform, with a deal with a clean and visually appealing experience.

2️⃣ Second, you will notice some wedding photos — for those who access Home > Settings > Privacy Policy, scroll down until you see ‘Pictures’. But, to maintain it relevant to this post you’ll notice that your rating and stats are resetting.

We realize it’s a bummer (for only a moment), but allow us to inform you this 👐: it’s a crucial step to make sure the transition to the new edition. A fresh start is crucial to totally experience the improved capabilities of the brand new update. You’ll have the chance to rebuild and surpass your previous records. And really necessary, it’s concerning the next thing 👇.

3️⃣ The Partitions are evolving right into a recent so that you won’t ever miss a beat with all of the relevant information at your fingertips:

a) Wins and profits — keep track of your winnings from tournaments over the past 24 hours.

b) Energetic tournaments — a listing of the tournaments you’re participating in.

c) Tournaments zone — all of the tournaments which can be available at the moment, sorted by: Special Tournaments (if there are any), your favorite tournaments, and other tournaments which can be running at the moment. Like within the previous version, those expiring first could have higher visibility.

d) Rankings (local and global) — besides every day, weekly, or monthly it can be an all-time rating available.

e) Discovery — a spot where opportunities for tournament participation are plentiful. Players could make informed selections on which one they need to interact in.

f) Wallet — Deposit, withdraw, buy with card (fiat on-ramp).

g) Progress 👇.

4️⃣ The following thing you’ll notice is an entire recent progress infrastructure. The previous “Partitions” thing (with Amateurs, Semi-Pro, Pro, Legend) was crafted out into something recent, and outdoors the box — a progress infrastructure that represents the FOUNDATION of how WAM elevates. […] thus “the second thing” needed to occur.

Let’s talk more about and its exciting recent mechanics. There shall be 2 sorts of progress:

(within the app) — Stand up the ranks as you play, with levels ranging as Bronze IV → Bronze III → Bronze II — Bronze I → Silver IV → […] → Gold IV → […] → Diamond 1 → Top 500

  • To count within the progress players need to play in tournaments, each level counting a particular XP progress bar.
  • Bronze IV is the extent which a player shall be assigned to once they first enter the app.

(in the sport) — Showcase your skills with individual progress for every game. And one user can have different levels achieved for every game individually. Example: you played 3 times Hoop Master and got Bronze II, and at the identical time you might have Silver III at Crazy Bouncing and Diamond I at Frenzy Balls.

  • Based on their skills, players will be:

a) Bronze (previous Amateurs)

b) Silver (prev. Semi-pro)

c) Gold (prev. Pro)

d) Diamond (prev. Legends)

  • As a player, you’ll only see tournaments at your level. For instance, for those who level up from Bronze to Silver in Crazy Bouncing, you’ll only see Silver tournaments for that game.
  • You’ll be able to be Diamond I at Global Progress and only Silver (for instance) at Game Progress. Bronze IV is the primary level a user starts for all games.
  • The XP shall be updated in real-time to your progress on each game or global.
  • Top 500 is a dynamic top where you continuously need to play to be a part of and collect XP. Players from Top 500 are playing the tournaments from Diamond
  • This is certainly . The Progress structure will see a number of updates that can take your experience on WAM to the subsequent level, stay tuned because we’re . 🚀

This app is continuously being built with our community’s help. You will have shared your time with us, ideas, brainstormed, laughed, and so many other things — we count in your support, fam.

Let’s test the shit out of the upcoming update. 🤘🚀🧨As at all times, we encourage our community to share their feedback. 🙏

  • WAM is introducing a recent UI&UX landscape incorporating AI and human-centered design
  • WAM 3.0 the last version of the Web3 gaming platform with a deal with decentralization, security, and transparency
  • The unlimited power of AI will elaborately be utilized in customizing avatars and badges, an AI game generator straight out of your pocket, and AI fraud detection to make sure fairness and fast reward distribution
  • A % of tournament fees, marketplace transaction fees, and NFTs shall be burned to secure the ecosystem’s long-term value and stability
  • The update will roll out in phases to make sure a smooth and seamless transition for players
  • First features in V1 of WAM 3.0 include a recent design, scores reset, a recent dashboard, and a recent progress infrastructure with global and private touches
  • Recent levels and progress system: Bronze IV → Bronze III → Bronze II — Bronze I → Silver IV → […] → Gold IV → […] → Diamond 1 → Top 500
  • That is just the tip of the iceberg. The Progress framework has many exciting updates within the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled for what’s to return. 🚀



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