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Virtual human Banjamin, face first revealed… Boy group activity notice

Virtual human Banjamin, face first revealed… Boy group activity notice

Ban Ja-min appeared on the L’Oreal Korea View event (Photo = Pearlstein)

Pulse Nine (CEO Park Ji-eun) announced on the thirteenth that the male virtual human Ban Ja-min’s face was revealed for the primary time through L’Oreal Korea’s ‘Beauty Wonderland Festa Naver Live Shopping’.

The Beauty Wonderland Festa, which began on the sixth, is an event that gives discounts and gift advantages for products from 13 brands of L’Oreal Korea, including Kiehl’s, Lancome, Biotherm, Kerastase, L’Oreal Paris, Giorgio Armani, and La Roche Posay. With the concept of a recent L’Oreal Korea intern, Ban Ja-min appeared concurrently the event opened and explained easy methods to benefit from the event.

Banjamin is a virtual EDM artist of Pulse Nine who began his activities in June of last yr. Through the ‘EDM Challenge’, they reported a novel debut by presenting a complete of 30 songs, 1 EDM per day for a month.

Pulse Nine announced that Banjamin received attention from EDM fans and was well-received, and in September of last yr, it released a complete of 4 kit albums containing 30 Banjamin AI EDM Challenge songs.

As well as, Banjamin is a mysterious one that has a powerful personality and doesn’t know where he’ll bounce, and he has not revealed his face 100% and has only conducted activities reminiscent of dance covers and EDM announcements. Through this event, he revealed his face, announced the beginning of full-fledged activities, and explained that he drew attention by revealing his plan to work as a virtual boy group soon.

Park Ji-eun, CEO of Pulse Nine, said, “Ban Ja-min is ready to be Eternity’s younger brother, so he’ll exhibit his outstanding visuals and various abilities.” Also, “It’s an important honor to embellish the opening of the Beauty Wonderland Festa. Please look ahead to our activities as well.”

Virtual Human Ban Ja-min working as a new intern at L'Oreal Korea (Photo Credit=Pulse Nine)
Virtual Human Ban Ja-min working as a recent intern at L’Oreal Korea (Photo Credit=Pulse Nine)

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com


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