Home Artificial Intelligence Upstage establishes a U.S. corporation… “Positive discussions with leading firms”

Upstage establishes a U.S. corporation… “Positive discussions with leading firms”

Upstage establishes a U.S. corporation…  “Positive discussions with leading firms”

(Photo = Upstage)

Upstage (CEO Kim Seong-hoon) announced on the 18th that it will establish Upstage AI, a U.S. corporation, and officially announce its entry into the worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) stage.

Upstage has amassed generative AI development and business know-how by collaborating with leading domestic firms in various industries.

Now, co-founder Park Eun-jung, CSO, has been appointed because the U.S. representative, and the intention is to offer the self-developed language model 'SOLAR' to each domestic and foreign firms.

The corporate plans to locate in Silicon Valley, California to explore collaboration opportunities with U.S. and global enterprise firms. In the long run, we plan to expand our overseas base to markets in Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia, specializing in North America.

It is understood that some local firms are already conducting detailed discussions. An Upstage official said, “We’re in positive discussions with leading local firms,” and added, “We’ll have the opportunity to offer related news soon.”

As step one since establishment, the corporate will take part in NVIDIA's 'GTC 2024'. That is the primary time that we’ve got arrange an exclusive booth at an overseas event to introduce technology and products.

During GTC, we plan to reveal Solar's performance and use cases to online and offline visitors and present various support events to assist developers and corporations adopt it quickly and efficiently. Key Solar engineers, including CTO Talseok Lee and LLM leader Junyeop Lee, will attend a special session and present LLM modeling know-how and RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) technology.

Kim Seong-hoon, CEO of Upstage, said, “We’ve got accomplished preparations to focus on the worldwide generative AI market, starting with the establishment of a U.S. subsidiary. We’ll utilize world-class Solar to offer an LLM optimized for U.S. and global firms and seek various opportunities for cooperation. “We’ll successfully advance into the worldwide market,” he said.

Reporter Jang Se-min semim99@aitimes.com


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