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Upstage adds image creation function to chatbot ‘Asookup’

Upstage adds image creation function to chatbot ‘Asookup’

Asookup’s ‘Draw me’ function (Picture = Upstage)

The synthetic intelligence (AI) chatbot ‘AskUp’ developed by Upstage now has eyes to read after which hands to attract.

Artificial intelligence (AI) startup Upstage (CEO Kim Seong-hoon) added a picture creation function based on the fine-tuned image creation AI ‘Upsketch’ to Asookup, which has exceeded 500,000 KakaoTalk channel friends, and the primary 1,000 people It announced on the third that it will open a beta service for the goal.

Asokup is Korea’s representative chat AI that Upstage combines OCR technology and query mark search based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT. When a user takes an image of a document, it became famous as ‘Eyeless ChatGPT’, which allows users to read the contents and answer questions, and exceeded 500,000 users in 25 days of launch. Then, a search function was added by applying GPT-4, and recently, ‘Asookup Biz’ was launched targeting corporate customers.

The image creation function that can start the beta service this time is the ‘draw me’ function that creates a desired image and the ‘profile’ function that corrects the image based on the face image.

The draw me function is a function that creates a desired image when the user inputs ‘draw me’ after explaining the specified image. It creates images that do not actually exist, comparable to ‘Draw an astronaut riding a horse on the moon’.

The profile function is a function that edits an individual’s face photo by choosing an option. After sending the photo, you possibly can create a latest profile image by choosing options comparable to ▲Draw cool ▲Draw young.

Asokup's 'Profile' function (Photo = Upstage)
Asokup’s ‘Profile’ function (Photo = Upstage)

Upsketch, a picture generation model, was developed by leader Sang-hoon Kim, who won the gold medal because the world’s No. 1 within the Kaggle competition called the AI ​​Olympics, and introduced that it’s being evaluated for creating the very best level of images that will be created within the mobile environment up to now. .

To make use of it, enter ‘Upsketch beta application!’ within the Asukup chat window, or press the button at the underside to conform to the terms and conditions. Draw me and the profile function can create as much as 33 images per day. After the beta test for the primary 1,000 people, the variety of users will progressively increase.

Together with the addition of the image creation function, Upstage expects that users will have the opportunity to utilize Asookup in various ways through events comparable to the 100-question-answer event, SNS challenge, and survey that were prolonged to commemorate the breakthrough of 500,000 channel friends.

Seonghun Kim, CEO of Upstage, said, “We have now added a picture creation function and expanded the advantages in order that users can conveniently obtain the pictures they need.” During this time, we’ll do our greatest to supply a differentiated experience to repay the tremendous interest and support of 500,000 users.”

Meanwhile, details will be found on the KakaoTalk channel. You possibly can add it by trying to find ‘AskUp’ or ‘Asookup’ in Kakao Talk.

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com



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