Home Artificial Intelligence ‘Tom and Jerry’ knew… video topic 60 years ago

‘Tom and Jerry’ knew… video topic 60 years ago

‘Tom and Jerry’ knew… video topic 60 years ago

(Photo = Twitter Supriya Sahu IAS)

A ‘Tom and Jerry’ video that appeared 60 years ago is a hot topic for predicting artificial intelligence (AI) and the resulting job loss.

NDTV reported on the fifth that after the death of Supriya, the Indian administrative service officer linked the episode of Tom and Jerry through Twitter on the first (local time), and was receiving positive responses.

The video shows that the owner of the home selected a robot cat as an alternative of Tom, who didn’t evict Jerry, and when Jerry is kicked out, Tom becomes unemployed and packs up and leaves the home. Particularly, the manual for the robot cat states that it ‘doesn’t need food, doesn’t make a fuss, has clean fur, is efficient and reliable’.

The post-mortem officer introduced this as ’60 years ago, Tom was the primary unemployed person resulting from machines and AI’.

The video clip garnered 35,000 views in a matter of days, eliciting mixed reactions. Amongst them were “Now… it isn’t Tom’s turn, it’s man’s turn” and “Many writers and poets have predicted the longer term thoroughly”.

Meanwhile, this episode ends with Tom returning home resulting from a breakdown of the robot cat.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com


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