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The search revolution has begun

The search revolution has begun

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Generative AI, which creates other texts, images, videos, and even programming code when given a written command, has already begun to vary the principles of the sport in lots of fields.

And even in the sphere of Web search, which we use day-after-day, artificial intelligence chatbots, one in every of generative artificial intelligence, are predicting a giant change.

In a latest way of mixing chat and search, artificial intelligence reads your entire web information, making search easier and more personalized than ever before. You possibly can ask a conversational query to the search engine and get a solution in real time.

Specifically, Google and Microsoft are already testing ‘Bard’ and the brand new ‘Bing’, and latest search services proposed by other startups are also coming out.

These are services reminiscent of Niva AI, Youchat, and Webchat GPT. Some late-comer search services will be paid subscription models.

These latest search engines like google will be divided into first, a sort that inserts chat-type answers into the search results page, second, a sort that enables users to pick and go forwards and backwards between chat and search results pages, and third, a sort that shows search results only in a chat format. .

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The primary sort of chat and search bundle includes Google’s ‘Bard’, Microsoft’s latest ‘Bing’, and ‘NivaAI’ from a startup called Niva.

The second conversion type is U.com’s ‘YouChat’ search engine. Added a button on the search results page to change to the chat page.

The third type is an engine called ‘Andy’, which is a more radical model that doesn’t show related links in any respect and only reports search results via chat.

In China, tech giants reminiscent of Baidu and Alibaba are either developing or soon releasing a model that mixes chat and search.

Due to this fact, latest search engines like google of any type are set to revolutionize the present practice globally and revolutionize it. Web search technology has been steadily updated for the reason that advent of the World Wide Web in 1989.

Most recently, the introduction of machine learning in 2015 made it much more efficient. Now, as we meet artificial intelligence chatbots, we predict a transition to a really latest level.

Next, we are going to inform you concerning the technology trends.

(Photo = shutterstock)
(Photo = shutterstock)

■ Google, which announced a chatbot-type search engine ‘Bard’ last week, was hit by a stock price crash as a search error occurred from the instance. The person in charge acknowledged the error and apologized, and internally identified that it was hasty.

■ Microsoft’s latest ‘Bing’ against Google is making as many mistakes as Google’s ‘Bard’. Errors reminiscent of misreading accounting data and insisting that this yr is 2022 are continuing.

(Photo = shutterstock)
(Photo = shutterstock)

■Bill Gates, the founding father of Microsoft, has repeatedly emphasized that generative AI, reminiscent of ChatGPT, is a very powerful innovation straight away and can change the world through it. Gates predicted that the largest impact could be in healthcare and education.

■ There may be a craze for copying ChatGPT in China. Nine corporations announced the event and release of ‘Chinese version of ChatGPT’, and as investment overheat continued, the federal government even issued an alert.

Next, we are going to inform you concerning the fundamental trends within the industry.

Inside the headquarters of Kakao (Photo = Kakao)
Contained in the headquarters of Kakao (Photo = Kakao)

■ Kakao has announced that it is going to deal with specialized services in the long run by utilizing the super-giant artificial intelligence ‘KoGPT’, which is being developed in-house. It’s a method to compete with low-cost and high-efficiency as an alternative of going head-to-head with global big tech.

■A rate system has been introduced to ‘Luten’, a domestic generative AI platform. Ruten is a service that uses artificial intelligence to create drafts of assorted articles, including commercial text and blog posts. The ‘Premium Plus Rate Plan’ has been implemented for the reason that 18th, leaving the ‘Free’ version because it is.

(Photo = SKT)
(Photo = SKT)

■ SK Telecom applies the technology that AI learns from communication data to measure traffic volume to traffic impact assessment. The AI-based location evaluation platform ‘Litmus’ is applied to the traffic impact assessment support model project of Seocho-gu, Seoul.

■ The so-called ‘sushi terrorism’ act, reminiscent of spitting on food at conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan, is causing business owners one after one other, and a few restaurants are responding with AI computer vision technology.

Artificial intelligence monitors real-time video to seek out abnormal behavior and notify the owner. It is just not a latest technology, however it is effective in stopping sushi terrorism.

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