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The federal government announced a policy to strengthen the competitiveness of super-large AI in March

The federal government announced a policy to strengthen the competitiveness of super-large AI in March

Private and non-private officials are discussing super-giant AI on the third Artificial Intelligence Top-level Strategy Dialogue. (Photo = Ministry of Science and ICT)

During this month, the federal government will announce measures to strengthen the international competitiveness of super-giant artificial intelligence (AI), which has increased interest as a result of the ‘Chat GPT’ boom.

On the eighth, the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong-ho) held the third artificial intelligence top-ranking strategic dialogue to gather opinions on the direction of the super-large AI policy to answer ChatGPT with the very best private and non-private officials within the AI ​​field and announced such a plan. revealed

Minister Lee Jong-ho said, “In the sphere of super-giant AI, as global big-tech firms are launching super-giant AI services reminiscent of ChatGPT and making investments on a really large scale, we also must mobilize the capabilities of the private and non-private sectors to extend national responsiveness.” Based on the contents of the meeting, we’ll have the opportunity to announce the policy direction of the super-large AI industry in March along with related ministries.”

As well as, Koh Hak-soo, chairman of the Personal Information Committee, said, “The Personal Information Protection Committee supports the protected use of knowledge for the event of the super-giant AI industry through the revision of the ‘Personal Information Protection Act,’ etc. We’ll strive to develop into a number one country based on AI and data.”

Koh Jin, chairman of the Digital Platform Government Committee, said, “The Digital Platform Government Committee introduces massive AI technology, which is attracting attention as a way of solving economic and social problems, and uses it to resolve pending issues reminiscent of welfare, disaster, and civil complaints. We’ll create a virtuous cycle structure for the expansion of the AI ​​and data industry by establishing a hyper-connected digital twin.”

Meanwhile, on the identical day, ▲Baek Sang-yeop, CEO of Kakao Enterprise, presented ‘Super-Giant AI Trends and Suggestions for Strengthening Domestic Competitiveness’ ▲Lee Se-Young, CEO of Rutton Technologies, ‘Proposal for Making a Super-Giant AI Ecosystem in Cooperation between Large Enterprises, SMEs, and Small Businesses’ ▲Professor Choi Mun-jeong, KAIST, The social and cultural influence of ChatGPT, etc.’ was announced respectively.

As well as, discussions were held on ▲measures to strengthen the competitiveness of super-giant AI and create an industrial ecosystem, ▲social and cultural influence following the spread of super-giant AI reminiscent of ChatGPT, and ▲measures to enhance artificial intelligence-related regulations and improve ethics and reliability.

Minister Lee Jong-ho said, “Super-giant AI is a field that’s closely related to the federal government’s efforts to construct and open data, provide computing resources, support for AI R&D, and secure AI ethics and reliability, and has develop into a foundation for enhancing Korea’s competitiveness.” We’ll do our greatest to develop into an example of a latest digital order based on giant AI.”

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com



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