Home Artificial Intelligence Synapsoft launches Synap document viewer on ‘GPT Store’

Synapsoft launches Synap document viewer on ‘GPT Store’

Synapsoft launches Synap document viewer on ‘GPT Store’

Synap document viewer in GPT Store (Photo = Synapsoft)

Synapsoft (CEO Jeon Kyeong-heon), a specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) digital document software as a service (SaaS), announced on the twenty second that it has launched ‘Synap Document Viewer’ within the GPT Store.

Synap document viewer has already secured greater than 800,000 users on Google Workspace and Amazon Web Services (AWS). In Korea, it’s being supplied to the central administrative department, public corporations, industrial complexes, research institutes, elementary, middle and highschool school web sites, and academic institutions. It’s evaluated as essentially the most widely used document viewer in Korea.

Within the GPT Store, should you select Synapsoft Document Viewer (Korean, MS Office, PDF, image file viewer) and present the download URL of the file you should view, you may view it directly on the browser with out a dedicated program.

As well as, digital documents might be utilized in quite a lot of ways, equivalent to memos in documents, PDF storage, and TTS (text-to-speech), and files will also be shared with other users through links.

Meanwhile, Synapsoft is constantly expanding and introducing generative AI technology into digital document solutions. We plan to make use of RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) technology in Synap document viewer to offer an interactive search function to reduce hallucinations by deriving answers based on supporting documents.

Synapsoft CEO Jeon Kyeong-heon said, “We’ll grow to be a frontrunner within the AI ​​digital document field by expanding our own large language model (LLM) technology.”

Reporter Jang Se-min semim99@aitimes.com


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