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SKT, Persona Space and Ifland create a dedicated space for ‘Mr. Trot 2’

SKT, Persona Space and Ifland create a dedicated space for ‘Mr. Trot 2’

A dedicated space for singer Kim Yong-pil inbuilt Metaverse E-Friend (Photo = SKT)

SK Telecom (CEO Yoo Young-sang) signed an MOU with Persona Space (CEO Choi Yong-ho), a metaverse content company, for a ‘Metaverse Management Joint Project’ and announced that it is going to introduce an area dedicated to the metaverse for the forged members of the printed program ‘Mister Trot 2’ as its first project. the day said

The 2 corporations explained that the hot button is to introduce various contents targeting the worldwide market in addition to domestic based on the core competencies and contents of the 2 corporations related to the metabus.

In keeping with the agreement, SKT might be chargeable for the space and infrastructure dedicated to stars inside the Metaverse platform, Ifland, and Persona Space might be chargeable for the avatar worldview.

The primary project is to construct a dedicated space for singer Kim Yong-pil, who appeared in ‘Mr. Trot 2’, in E-friend. Here, fans can view the star’s photos and videos, check the present status, and leave a guestbook.

As well as, the 2 corporations have agreed to showcase star avatars using their technologies corresponding to metaverse and 360-degree stereoscopic images, and to jointly manage the metaverse avatar characters.

Ifland began as a social metabus service in July 2021, it has established itself because the No. 1 metabus service in Korea. In November of last yr, it entered global markets corresponding to Asia and North America.

Persona Space, a media subsidiary of Galaxy Corporation, is a metaverse media company that conducts businesses corresponding to broadcasting, music, fan meetings, movies, concert events, and virtual human management based on the mental property rights (IP) of celebrity avatars. At the tip of 2021, SKT and the metabus avatar show ‘Buka Golden Age’ were also presented.

Choi Yong-ho, CEO of Persona Space, said, “We hope that various additional contents based on Mr. Trot 2 will change into a success IP in Ifland,” and added, “We are going to proceed to steer the metaverse market with various contents related to the metaverse.”

Yang Maeng-seok, head of SKT’s metabus CO, said, “We’re delighted to find a way to supply an area for stars and fans who’ve appeared in popular programs on E-Friend.” We are going to lead a recent way of communicating with fans.”

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com



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