Sensing Jen

Sensing Jen

Hi. My name is Jen. Welcome to the informal and private chronicles of my multisensory explorations.

I’m an Experimental Psychologist who studied human aspects psychology formally and currently applying my training into constructing inclusive experiences for people to make use of. For the past decade and a half, my life has been dominated by digital experiences, consequently of my chosen occupation and likewise, as a function of the times we live in.

Nowadays, I find myself studying human behaviors and motivations when interacting with services and products which might be built on digital platforms, comparable to, mobile and web applications.

Because the world still sits within the chasm of traditional physical infrastructures and digital technology, a part of my adventures touch on the overlaps between digital and in-person interactions. In modern retail, for instance, people use mobile apps to find and shop for items but they’re provided options to experience the said objects on the physical locations because it assists of their decision-making.

My current world provided me with loads of probabilities to explore vision (sight) and audition (hearing) because those are the senses that get utilized predominantly in digital experiences.

Admittedly, though, I actually have minimal skilled or on-the-job exposure to somatosensation (touch), olfaction (smell), and gustation (taste). Much of my knowledge on those were from classes I took on Sensation and Perception in graduate school. Suffice it to say, those are my areas of growth. Growth is all the time exciting.

This 2023, I need to dedicate a few of my waking moments to the study of olfaction or the sense of smell.

I’m on the very early stage of my journey and I cannot claim expertise on any of what I will probably be writing here. Treat the entries as my way of telling you a story about my adventures. I will probably be reading research articles from peer-reviewed journals along the way in which, in addition to books written by scientists who’re experts on the subject, to enhance my knowledge with factual information.

To inject a bit of bit more excitement, I will probably be opening a tiny window to my explorations of the world of area of interest perfumery, which is a component of how I plan to review the sense of smell.

Lastly, there may be entries where I’ll ponder about current and future innovations on how the sense of smell may be applied to modern products, services, and experiences.



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