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Rutten Unveils ‘GPT-4’ Built-in Chatbot Service ‘Chat Rutten’ for Free

Rutten Unveils ‘GPT-4’ Built-in Chatbot Service ‘Chat Rutten’ for Free

(Photo = Rutten Technologies)

Rutten Technologies (CEO Lee Se-young), which makes a speciality of artificial intelligence (AI) content creation, launched ‘Chat Rutten’, a chatbot service that introduced ‘GPT-4’.

Rutten Technologies announced on the twenty second that it released ‘Chat Rutten’, a service that helps content creation and modification through conversation, totally free, identical to ChatGPT.

‘Chat Ruten’ combines GPT-4 with an interactive service that all the time responds to specialized sentence generation services in about 50 fields. Specifically, the standard was improved by combining Naver’s large language model (LLM), Hyperclova, and super-giant generative AI with many Korean DBs, comparable to its own language model.

It’s applied to all existing services, comparable to ‘Luten’, a platform for drafting various business documents, ‘Litten Training’, which may learn writing with AI, and ‘Lütten Document’, which helps writing business plans and reports.

Je Seong-won, CPO of Rutten Technologies, said, “There have been many requests to expand the scope of the service through the two-week closed beta test for paid users. . We would like to assist non-English speaking users use generative AI more,” he explained the background of the free release.

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com



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