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Rush to introduce ‘GPT-4’ inside at some point of announcement

Rush to introduce ‘GPT-4’ inside at some point of announcement

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At some point after OpenAI announced ‘GPT-4’, corporations that announced that that they had introduced it are lined up. From government agencies and huge corporations to startups, there are only seven known places thus far. If the present trend continues, the variety of places introducing GPT-4 is predicted to extend exponentially in a brief time period.

Officials from these corporations explain that the movement to introduce GPT-4 is lively since it is ‘the fastest and most accurate version currently available’.

Initially, OpenAI revealed GPT-4 for the primary time on the 14th (local time), saying that investment bank Morgan Stanley is applying it to data construction. As well as, Duolingo, a language learning company, Khan Academy, a non-profit learning organization, and the Icelandic government have also announced that they’ve introduced GPT-4. Microsoft also announced that it was applying GPT-4 to the brand new ‘Bing’ on the identical day.

On the fifteenth, a day later, three more places increased. TechCrunch reported that LinkedIn, a job search site, introduced GPT-4, and Quarr, a question-and-answer search service, also announced that it had installed GPT-4 in its chatbot ‘Pow’.

Fintech start-up Stripe also announced that it has introduced GPT-4 and began using it for functions including digital payment processing. For reference, OpenAI uses Stripe’s payment function to charge ChatGPT Plus subscription fees.

LinkedIn is a subsidiary of Microsoft. It plans to supply a GPT-4-based artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool for job seekers to fill out profiles or recruiters to fill out recruitment notices. Users will have the ability to make use of the ‘review and edit’ function to see what the AI ​​tool has suggested and add it to their profile or job description.

Since last month, Quarr has been in a position to connect various AI chatbots resembling ‘ChatGPT’ in addition to ‘Claude’, ‘Sage’ and ‘Dragon Fly’ to Pou and use them totally free. GPT-4, which was added this time, is provided for a fee of $19.99 for 300 questions monthly. Pou is just available to iOS users.

Quarrer's chatbot 'Pou' screen (Photo = 'Pou' capture)
Quarrer’s chatbot ‘Pou’ screen (Photo = ‘Pou’ capture)

Stripe information manager Emily Sands said, “We’re working on integrating 14 GPT-4 prototypes,” and “We’re also testing a separate chat service for software developers and consumers,” explaining the plan to make use of GPT-4.

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