Home Artificial Intelligence Roblox introduces ‘generative AI’ to the metaverse…Zuckerberg can also be developing

Roblox introduces ‘generative AI’ to the metaverse…Zuckerberg can also be developing

Roblox introduces ‘generative AI’ to the metaverse…Zuckerberg can also be developing

Roblox, the world’s largest metaverse and game platform, introduces artificial intelligence (AI) to the metaverse. Since Meta has also revealed the identical plan, it’s noteworthy whether generative AI will turn out to be the momentum of the Metaverse platform.

Two generative AI tools, one which can construct virtual objects inside Roblox worlds based on natural language prompts, and one which can generate text-based code are currently being tested, TechCrunch reported on the twentieth (local time).

Based on the released video, developers can create and move objects or buildings within the virtual world in Roblox with only text without separate coding. Weather conditions also can change, akin to making it rain.

Daniel Sterman, CTO of Roblox, said, “Some creators may know tips on how to code but could have less experience creating high-level 3D models, and conversely, some designers could have less coding experience.” He explained that he was prepared. He also added, “Even beginners with neither coding nor design experience can realize their imagination in Roblox with these tools.”

In the approaching weeks, we will likely be releasing generative AI tools via Roblox Studio. As well as, on the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023 to be held next month, a presentation on generative AI was announced.

Writing code using generative AI with the text prompt at the highest right (Photo = Captured from YouTube Roblox channel ‘Generative AI on Roblox’)

TechCrunch explained that the movement of Roblox, which has 58.8 million each day users world wide, has a crucial meaning and has already been announced. In recent times, Roblox has repeatedly stated its goal of becoming an infrastructure that builds a metaverse beyond its role as a metaverse platform.

It also analyzed that the introduction of generative AI could attract many novice developers and be attractive to younger users as well.

As such, generative AI is a hot issue within the recent metaverse industry.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said, “Meta will turn out to be a frontrunner in AI generation,” adding, “We’re introducing AI technology that creates images, videos, avatars, and 3D assets throughout our products.” It is barely a matter of time before generative AI is introduced in meta’s ‘Horizon World’.

As well as, in November of last 12 months, Nvidia released a 3D image generation AI model for the metaverse, ‘Get3D’, and in December, OpenAI released ‘Point-E’, and other generated AI models targeting the metaverse were released one after one other. As well as, Artur Shitsov, CEO of Somnium Space, became a hot topic by revealing that he’s constructing a metaverse that introduces ChatGPT to permit conversation with the dead.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said at the top of last 12 months, “How can consumers create virtual worlds without generative AI?” did.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com


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