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One other homework left by ‘Chat GPT’…’Paid Search’

One other homework left by ‘Chat GPT’…’Paid Search’

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A latest problem surfaced every week after Microsoft (MS) and Google announced that they’d introduce generative artificial intelligence (AI) to look. It is a ‘pay’ issue. Latecomers who’re newly joining the search competition are either introducing or considering the introduction of paid services one after one other.

To start with, U.com announced on the fifteenth (local time) that it will introduce a multi-modal function added to the chatbot ‘YouChat’ based by itself large-scale language model (LLM) called CAL to look, and mentioned paid services.

Richard Sozer, founding father of U.com, said in an interview with TechCrunch, “This yr, we might be excited about monetization and exploring various routes.” is being reviewed,” he said.

As well as to private advertisements, third-party app services through browser extensions have also mentioned ways to display advanced information corresponding to stock charts. It’s a method to share revenue through third-party paid services.

U.com is an organization whose motto was ‘Anti-Google’ since its establishment in late 2020. Accusing Google of being closed and its real goal being promoting, it has announced that it should create a unique model.

Nonetheless, LLM-based generative AI services, as is understood, are expensive enough to be incomparable to traditional search. It’s because supercomputing costs and power consumption for inference are large.

In line with ArcInvest, a world investment evaluation company, the fee of AI machine learning is decreasing by 70% every yr. By 2030, it’s projected to drop to almost zero cost. Nonetheless, it is alleged that the primary few years will still cost a variety of money, and this may put pressure on Google as well.

Subsequently, from the angle of search startups, that are difficult to earn money like Google, even in the event that they introduce advertisements, they appear to be on the lookout for ways to scale back the initial operational burden with paid services and supply user convenience.

This can be true of Niva, which threw a vote into the search market using generative AI two days ago. Niva also uses its own large-scale language model (LLM), which introduced a paid model in June 2021 when the search service began.

Unlike Google, it doesn’t conduct customized advertisements using user data in any respect, but as an alternative provides a free basic version with some limited functions and a premium version that might be used unlimitedly for $ 4.95 monthly.

Search with generative AI has grow to be a very important variable by way of cost. Because of this, an evaluation got here out that the startup that developed the super-giant AI is collaborating with Big Tech.

It is a common problem not just for latecomers to look, but in addition for corporations using the LLM model at home and abroad, including Google and MS.

In truth, Hong Eun-taek, CEO of Kakao, said in a conference call on the tenth, “We’ll introduce the self-developed CoGPT to the service.” He also revealed his will to focus only on low-cost, high-efficiency customized services.

Microsoft and Google have yet to reveal the schedule or contents of the official chatbot search service.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com


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