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Neurocle introduces medical AI research platform in Gastroenterology Society

Neurocle introduces medical AI research platform in Gastroenterology Society

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Neurocle (CEO Hong-Seok Lee), specializing in deep learning vision, announced on the seventh that it’ll take part in the ‘SIDDS & Korean Society of Gastroenterology Spring Conference’ and introduce ‘Neuroti’, a no-code artificial intelligence (AI) medical research platform.

Neurocle will showcase Neuroti, which may conduct fire extinguisher research, at an event opening on the Grand Walkerhill Hotel on the eighth. It’ll be emphasized that medical staff can detect and study various digestive diseases comparable to colon cancer, esophagitis, and liver disease through Neuroti.

Neuroti is an AI deep learning-based medical research software that robotically reads the kind, location, and size of lesions. It is feasible to interpret all medical images comparable to ultrasound, CT, X-ray, and MRI, and provides researchers with a high degree of freedom whatever the sort of lesion.

As well as, even users without knowledge of coding or AI deep learning can easily create a model with a couple of clicks and drags. The medical staff emphasized that the resource input and project time required when collaborating with external deep learning engineers may be significantly reduced.

He said that it’s because the ‘auto deep learning algorithm’ installed in Neuroti is used to robotically find the optimal deep learning model structure and learning parameters and robotically create the model. He added that users can conduct AI medical research with high reliability through an automatic deep learning algorithm that guarantees accurate and precise image reading.

As well as, it provides useful functions for image labeling. Data labeling resources are provided through ‘auto labeling’, which robotically identifies and recommends the remaining label areas based on existing labels, and ‘magic wand’, which robotically selects areas with similar colours based on the colour value of the pixel clicked by the user. said to scale back

Currently, it’s getting used at Yonsei University Severance Hospital, Catholic University St. Mary’s Hospital, Samsung Medical Center, and the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, and can also be getting used for research.

Hong-Seok Lee, CEO of Neurocle, said, “At this conference, we announced the wonderful AI deep learning software that supports medical staff’s easy and smart medical research.” thing,” he said.

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