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Midjourney V5: Next-Gen AI Image Generation Is Almost Here!

Midjourney V5: Next-Gen AI Image Generation Is Almost Here!

Midjourney gives paying members a glimpse into their recent V5 model

Midjourney announced earlier today that paying members now have access to an internet site where they’ll provide rankings for the pictures produced by their upcoming AI image generation model, “V5.”

As per their Discord announcement (here’s the link to it), these images are intentionally “plain/boring/unopinionated to assist the system ‘learn’ whether v5 must have a unique style from v4″.

Following Midjourney’s Discord announcement, people began to share among the not-so-boring V5 finds on Twitter.

The image above is an exception among the many set of V5 test images, nevertheless, any “boring” test image could be quite exciting if you have a look at their overall quality: Generally, evidently V5 will offer higher resolution, higher detail, and a wider range of styles than V4. Some claim that even progress toward greater compositional control may be visible…

Although these images are cherry-picked, they suggest that we will really sit up for a treat as soon as Midjourne’s V5 is released. And that can actually occur very soon, as these “rating parties” normally occur just a number of weeks before the version update is finalized and released.

Listed here are a number of V5 images I spotted through the “V5 rating party” that I discovered interesting:

Besides hinting at higher detail, style, and backbone, there’s this interesting comparison to the pictures Midjourney used for the “rating party” before the V4 release. Back then, the pictures already gave us a glimpse of what the ultimate V4 became able to.

Now, try these V4 images from the “V4 Rating Party” a number of months ago:

Here’s a comparative view:

Are you as excited as I’m to get to play with the brand new Midjourney model?

I’d be excited about what you expect to be the brand new capabilities of V5 — tell us within the comments!


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