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Microsoft unveils ‘Enterprise ChatGPT’ integrated into Azure Cloud

Microsoft unveils ‘Enterprise ChatGPT’ integrated into Azure Cloud

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Microsoft (MS) has released ‘Chat GPT’ for businesses. It’s sold as a cloud service.

Microsoft announced on the ninth (local time) that it has installed ChatGPT in ‘Azure’, an enterprise cloud service, through its official blog.

In consequence, ChatGPT is included within the ‘Azure Open AI Service’ together with generative AI comparable to Codex and Dali, and is serviced to firms. Greater than 1,000 enterprises are currently using Azure OpenAI services.

The fee for using ChatGPT is similar because the ‘ChatGPT API’ released on the first. $0.002 per 1000 tokens or 750 words. Applied from the thirteenth.

Eric Boyd, executive vice chairman of MS AI Platforms, said, “We now have applied various regulatory compliance features to ChatGPT and designed it as a totally enterprise product.”

It also said that firms can customize ChatGPT to tailor responses to their organization. “Developers can integrate ChatGPT directly into the applications they specify,” Boyd said. “This includes enhancing existing chatbots to avoid unexpected questions, in addition to resummarizing call center conversations, creating latest ad copy, and processing bills. It will probably even be used for tasks comparable to automating

Microsoft emphasized ‘responsible approach to AI’ and repeatedly emphasized that ChatGP can create incorrect text.

As well as, to resolve this problem, it was explained that the text generation was created by AI, and the user finally approved it. ▲A filtering function was applied to input and output. ▲ It is alleged that it’s going to provide manuals comparable to design guidelines and transparency notes that specify the advantages and test contents of the model.

Finally, Microsoft believes that AI will fundamentally change the best way we work and the best way we organise. We are going to proceed to take a principled approach to be certain that it’s used.”

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