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Meta ‘thread’ is a text-centric platform…much like ‘Twitter’

Meta ‘thread’ is a text-centric platform…much like ‘Twitter’

‘Thread’ app (Photo=Instagram)

Meta’s Instagram app ‘Threads’, which can be released on the seventh (local time), is a text-centric platform that supports as much as 500 characters per post. You may upload links to external web sites, photos and videos as much as 5 minutes long. That is different from Instagram, which focuses on photos and videos.

Meta announced on the sixth that it’ll release such a function in the brand new app ‘Thread’, referred to as ‘Twitter’s opponent’, as an app that enables conversation while sharing various news in real time.

Thread is most accustomed to menus and UI. It’s much like Twitter, with the situation of your profile picture, a blue checkmark or profile picture, and buttons like, reply, and retweet.

Meta introduced this as “a recent text-centric space where you may freely share your thoughts, follow friends and favorite creators, and communicate with people all over the world who share common interests.”

The Thread app allows users to log in with their Instagram ID with out a separate registration process. The identical account name as Instagram is used, and the profile picture and introduction might be set individually.

You too can follow the accounts you follow on Instagram in Threads, in addition to find and add recent ones. Thread feeds show content from accounts you follow together with advisable content.

With a view to create a forum for positive and productive conversation, it said that it provides the identical user protection features introduced in Instagram. When users under the age of 16 first log in to Thread, their account is ready to non-public by default.

You too can control who can mention you in posts or reply to you. You too can hide replies that contain specific words or phrases.

You may block, limit, and report other accounts, and accounts you block on Instagram will routinely be blocked in Threads as well.

Thread emphasized that it’s Meta’s first app with a vision for an ‘open social network’. The protocol for a decentralized social network, ‘ActivityPub’, can be applied later and updated to enable interoperability with other apps that support the ActivityPub protocol, resembling Mastodon and WordPress.

Instagram said, “We plan to develop it right into a recent type of social media that enables users of other compatible platforms to follow and communicate with one another.” revealed

As well as, we plan to constantly add recent features, resembling advancing feed content recommendations and improving search functions. The Thread app is currently available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in greater than 100 countries all over the world.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com



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