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Latest blog who dis? Why this blog? Why me? What do you have to expect? Follow-ups

Latest blog who dis?
Why this blog?
Why me?
What do you have to expect?

From the nest to the cloud

With the abundance of reading, listening, and viewing material available, you could be wondering what sets this blog apart. My goal is to supply useful insights and practical advice based by myself profession journey, which has taken me through various roles in large corporations, start-ups, private consulting, and open-source, free software projects. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love cringe-worthy story?

I’ve been fortunate enough to wear many hats throughout my profession, from individual contributor to each low-level and mid-level manager. Along the best way, I’ve made loads of mistakes and learned useful lessons that I would like to share with you. Consider this blog as a approach to learn from my mistakes, so you possibly can avoid them in your personal profession. Or, you recognize, just have laugh at my expense.

My goal is to post recent content every week or two, with a mixture of thorough posts and quick notes on various topics, starting from management (time, projects, people) to “soft skills” (that are, the truth is, hard) to programming, and even mental health. You’ll be able to expect future posts similar to:

  • Strategies for completing work that seems not possible (without pulling all-nighters)
  • avoid vagueness in your communication (without annoying your colleagues)
  • The importance of defensive programming as knowledgeable approach (and why it’s not only for the paranoid)
  • The difference between worker performance and worker promotions (or why being good at your job doesn’t all the time mean getting promoted and the best way to actually get promoted)
  • ask for, receive, and supply skilled feedback (in order to avoid wasting your time and theirs)
  • Understanding and stopping burnout (because let’s be real, we’re all sometimes only one deadline away from a breakdown)
  • Prioritization and staying focused (when all the pieces in our lives and at work demands our attention)
  • Consistent and effective time management (or how to not die from context switching)
  • Notes on architecture and syntax design (because who doesn’t love nerding out?)
  • Implementation of development methodologies in programming languages (for once you seek a lightweight reading)
  • The several levels of code review (and the fun of finding greater than just typos in other people’s code)
  • And more!

Since introduction posts aren’t that compelling, I’ll publish my first post this Thursday on the subject of the best way to get all the pieces done when you possibly can’t get all the pieces done.


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