Home Artificial Intelligence Increased ‘prompt market’ for getting and selling generated AI commands

Increased ‘prompt market’ for getting and selling generated AI commands

Increased ‘prompt market’ for getting and selling generated AI commands

Prompt Market ‘ChatX’ (Photo=ChatX)

The ‘prompt market’, which buys and sells commands that may get good writing or pictures with generative artificial intelligence (AI), is attracting attention.

The variety of online prompt marketplaces, which was just one in July of last 12 months, has recently increased to 14, and is increasing every month, TechCrunch reported on the ninth (local time).

In response to this, representative markets are ChatX, NeutronField, and PromptSea. Here, not only the prompts needed for creating images reminiscent of ‘Dali’, ‘Midjourney’ and ‘Stable Difusion’, but additionally the prompts for deriving good writing from ‘ChatGPT’ are being traded.

Along with presenting prompts that result in correct answers, it also provides a ‘parameter generator’ to fine-tune them.

For instance, ChatGPT provides an efficient sentence to a one that is searching for an ‘effective option to weight loss plan’, and at the identical time, the length of the response, the seed (the worth of the random number generator that keeps the identical answer coming out), and the temperature (determining the unexpectedness and conservatism of the response) ), etc., and induces the user to acquire a result that’s as close as possible to the specified answer.

ChatX’s sales price per transaction is about 1.1 dollars (roughly 1,460 won). Authors of prompts that pass the self-test and register in the marketplace are paid 39 CAD (roughly 37,000 won). When a sale is definitely made, the market takes a ten% commission. Many samples are currently available free of charge.

A page selling prompts on 'how to lose weight' on ChatGPT.  Currently it is free.  (Photo = Chat X)
A page selling prompts on ‘the best way to drop some weight’ on ChatGPT. Currently it’s free. (Photo = Chat X)

TechCrunch identified that the majority small businesses have began their business and are within the early stages, so there isn’t much profit, and overcoming harmful content and copyright issues, reminiscent of generative AI, is an urgent priority.

In response, each market emphasized that through its own censorship, it prohibits prompt transactions for creating violent or suggestive content or prompt transactions that will have copyright issues. As well as, in preparation for future scale, it was revealed that an AI system able to large-scale prompt inspection is being reviewed.

As well as, market operators said they’re as optimistic in regards to the way forward for Proft Markets as generative AI.

“AI might be used as software for creators, identical to Photoshop, and Prompt might be considered a part of AI-assisted content creation,” Prompsi CEO Pisus Daengtongdi predicted.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com



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