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Gwangju City promotes cloud-based administrative innovation

Gwangju City promotes cloud-based administrative innovation

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Gwangju City (Mayor Kang Ki-jeong) is moving forward with administrative service innovation that integrates and provides distributed services and policy information by converting the pc system to the cloud.

To this end, the town of Gwangju has established a 5-year mid- to long-term plan with the goal of ‘smart administration, completely happy residents’, and plans to advertise ▲smart administrative service ▲cloud computing environment ▲establishment of an expert cloud operation management system from this 12 months. revealed

Town plans to integrate the homepage so that every one information of every institution could be searched in a single place, and to implement a virtual desktop service that builds a sensible work system based on the cloud.

As well as, it has decided to maneuver forward with smart administrative services by step by step converting government affairs and affiliated agencies to cloud services.

Information systems operated by about 30 public institutions are transferred and integrated based on cloud computing. By the top of this month, it was decided to convert about 70 information systems operated individually by each institution to the cloud.

Web services for public affairs and internal administrative work are also converted to the cloud. Additionally it is planning to determine and operate an expert operation management system that comprehensively adjusts and reviews security, stability, scalability, and price efficiency that needs to be considered in cloud computing services.

Bae Il-kwon, head of the Planning and Coordination Office, said, “Conversion to the general public cloud is now a necessity, not an option.”

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