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Genie Music-Juice builds a win-win music ecosystem with AI

Genie Music-Juice builds a win-win music ecosystem with AI

Park Hyun-jin, CEO of Genie Music, is explaining the AI ​​music coexistence ecosystem that he wants to understand through ‘genie.Re:La’. (Photo courtesy = KT)

An AI sound source service has been released that allows AI to remodel favorite music into digital scores and helps users easily arrange music.

AI music platform company Genie Music (CEO Park Hyun-jin) and AI startup Juice (CEO Kim Jun-ho) announced the beta version of ‘genie.Re:La’, a music score-based arrangement service implemented with AI technology, on the Genie Music office constructing in Gangnam, Seoul on the twenty eighth. Launch event was held.

‘Genie lira’ means ‘let’s sing remake music happily on Genie’. It’s a service that enables AI to attract a digital rating on the spot by simply uploading an MP3, and the user can edit and arrange the rating.

It provides the fun of creation by lowering the entry barrier for consumers who are frequently all in favour of composing and arranging with AI.

On this beta service, only officially distributed music sources will be uploaded for copyright protection, and works can only be stored inside the server. As well as, uploading of sound sources that the unique authors are not looking for to create is restricted. It’s an effort to unravel copyright issues while maximizing the convenience of AI technology.

By upgrading the service inside this 12 months, ‘Genie Lira’ will enable users to release music arranged by users, in addition to establish a transparent settlement system for secondary production works in order that profits will be distributed to the unique creator when generating revenue. .

Together with the discharge of ‘Genie Lira’, Genie Music and Juice have released 1,400 songs similar to ‘I Consider’ and ‘Due to Love’ to grow the remake sound source market. Re-Born)’ project.

The ‘I Am Ribbon’ project recreates PD Kim Hyung-seok’s hit song through ‘Genie Lira’ and releases the sound source through Genie Music within the second half of the 12 months. The aim is to set a precedent wherein AI technology contributes to making a win-win ecosystem between original creators and creators.

 (From left) Juice CEO Kim Jun-ho, Genie Music CEO Park Hyun-jin, and PD Kim Hyung-seok are answering questions from the press after the event. (Photo courtesy of KT)
(From left) Juice CEO Kim Jun-ho, Genie Music CEO Park Hyun-jin, and PD Kim Hyung-seok are answering questions from the press after the event. (Photo courtesy of KT)

On that day, a string quartet played a live arrangement of PD Kim’s hit song ‘I Consider’ within the form of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven using ‘Genie lira’.

PD Kim said, “AI can’t only provide an efficient production method, nevertheless it also seems to find a way to encourage creativity.” We are going to find a way to seek out ways to grow the market.”

Genie Music and Juice also announced plans to expand the AI ​​remake business to global markets similar to Asia in cooperation with KT in the longer term to widely publicize the worth of K-pop.

Through premium services inside this 12 months, it’s going to provide tools to assist artists create, and utilize the strengths of AI technology to assist artists produce creative works.

For instance, a creator’s improvisational performance is converted right into a rating, or a musical concept that suddenly involves mind is recorded as a humming, and later converted right into a rating using ‘Genirira’, and the strategy of labor.

Through this, the 2 firms plan to expand opportunities to generate music revenue for each users who’ve changed into creators and original authors, and to expand their value as platforms.

Park Hyun-jin, CEO of Genie Music, said, “AI has infinite potential to collaborate with musicians. Starting with ‘Genie Lira’, we’ll construct an AI-based music ecosystem where original creators, creators, and platforms can coexist.” I need to set an example wherein AI is used as a superb technology within the industry.”

Junho Kim, CEO of Juice, said, “It’s the primary service that has synergy between AI music technology called Genie Lee and the platform. We are going to create a growing music ecosystem,” he said.

Meanwhile, in line with market evaluation company Market.us, the worldwide music generation AI market is predicted to grow greater than 11 times from $229 million last 12 months (about 290 billion won) to $2.66 billion (about 3.38 trillion won) in 2032, 10 years later. Prospect.

Reporter Juyoung Lee of AI Times juyoung09@aitimes.com



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