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Generative AI also dominates the movie version… Caught in a movie show made with generative AI

Generative AI also dominates the movie version… Caught in a movie show made with generative AI

The domestic film industry has begun to make use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in film production.

Specifically, interest is gathering recently as a large-scale multiplex cooperates with a generative AI company to conduct a large-scale project during which the complete strategy of film production is carried out with generative AI. It is predicted to be the primary case in Korea to provide a movie with generative AI and release it at a big multiplex.

Wayne Hills Bryant AI (CEO Lee Su-min), an organization specializing in video generation AI, released a 1 minute and 16 second trailer video on YouTube on the sixth, saying that it was the primary in Korea to provide a science fiction film based on generation AI.

The movie produced by this company with generative AI is ‘Artificial Intelligence Recent Cinema Movie’. It’s a trilogy omnibus drama set in space. It consists of three episodes of about 20 minutes.

The feature of this movie is that it was produced using AI to generate every thing from the scenario to video, audio, image, and subtitles. Within the trailer video released on YouTube this time, the story of the essential character happening an adventure in a spaceship he made was naturally connected with lines and narration.

Wayne Hills, who began producing the film, said, “There have been several attempts to provide videos with generative AI, but that is the primary time that a movie with an ideal story has been accomplished with AI technology only.” It’s differentiated in that it’s a certain movie.”

Specifically, the essential story was produced in collaboration with a domestic multiplex company, and plans to screen it at multiplexes after a large-scale preview of 1,000 to three,000 people were also revealed.

Wayne Hills CEO Lee Soo-min (right) is receiving the Prime Minister’s Commendation from the Minister of SMEs and Startups Lee Young in October of last yr. (Photo = Wayne Hills Bryant AI)

The next is a Q&A with Sumin Lee, CEO of Wayne Hills.

– To present intending to the announcement of this film
▲ I believe it is rather meaningful that it’ll be the primary stage to innovate the prevailing old media industry with generative AI, not a performance to indicate off technology as up to now.

There have been several cases of constructing a movie with generative AI, nevertheless it might be the primary time on the earth that a business production like this one is screened at a big multiplex.

Although the name can’t be disclosed resulting from the contract, there will probably be an official announcement from the multiplex company soon. I understand that they’re preparing for a large-scale preview and official release with 1,000 to three,000 people.

– What’s the response of the multiplex industry?
▲ The multiplex industry, which has been watching only blockbuster movies through the pandemic, is in a really difficult situation. I understand that they’re promoting collaboration with us because they imagine that there isn’t a breakthrough in traditional business methods.

This movie was produced based on the scenario provided by the multiplex. Along with this, greater than 60 movies have been made with generative AI. In the longer term, multiplexes will serve greater than just a spot to screen movies. Making a living directly from generative AI can be a goal for each business.

– Are there any quality issues with movies made with generative AI?
▲ It took only about an hour to provide all three 20-minute episodes. After all, you could not prefer it at first.

Nevertheless, Wayne Hills is confident that its technology and business are world-class. It has a lot of solutions, including ‘TTV’, which mechanically converts input text into video. There are also quite a few domestic and international awards corresponding to the ‘2023 Edison Award’.

We’ve got prepared a technology to accurately implement ideas in people’s heads into images, and I think that a real revolution within the film industry will occur when it becomes indistinguishable from human-made images anymore.

– Future plans
▲ It plans to proceed aggressive attempts to ‘change the industry landscape’ without stopping at the extent of ‘helping’ the industry with generative AI.

To this end, it plans to expand the AI ​​film production service ‘Wayne Hills Matrix AI’. It goals to provide generative AI-based content not only in movies but additionally in various fields corresponding to music videos, blockchain, and digital twins.

Going beyond providing AI video production tools to movie theaters, we are going to spread generative AI throughout the video industry and create a structure and culture that raises profits through this.

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