Disrupt 2023 — we’re shipping a giant recent release


If the past few years, and even the past week, has reminded us soundly of anything — it’s that the startup world won’t ever be predictable. To satisfy the changing startup landscape, we’re refreshing and re-imagining TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 in a giant way, with more of what you’re keen on and recent ways to speed up your growth.

What’s recent at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023?

Industry Days

TechCrunch has created six recent programming days around probably the most groundbreaking industries within the startup world. In these salon-like sessions, industry leaders will share their deep expertise, insights and trends inside your sector.

At these shows-within-our-show, you’ll engage with smart, driven founders, and investors and members of your community, and have the chance to cross-collaborate with leaders from other industries.

Listed below are the large recent stages opened up across this yr’s Disrupt:

  • The Artificial Intelligence Stage:
    Explore the rapidly expanding capabilities and potential of artificial intelligence; dig into the science behind the deep tech, the products it powers and the moral, social and legal challenges that include it.
  • The Sustainability Stage:
    Discover emerging technologies that transform the way in which we engage with our surroundings, impact society and the way we move from place to put.
    Featuring topics like green infrastructure, recent mobilities, sustainable tech, urban mobility
  • The Fintech Stage:
    Dive into the evolution of monetary exchanges and follow the technology that’s powering recent ways of capturing and distributing value and wealth.
  • The Hardware Stage:
    Uncover the mechanics and code behind the machines that enable us to get things done faster, smarter and more efficiently at work and at home.
  • The SaaS Stage:
    Discover software-as-a-service tools that reveal insights, power productivity and permit creativity and efficiency to blossom inside your organization.
  • The Security Stage:
    Gain the keys to protecting sensitive information and thwarting hackers intent on unlocking details of your enterprise and your life.

Introducing the Builder Stage

You’ll proceed to seek out top leaders and subject-matter experts speaking throughout Disrupt. That’s actually true for the Builder Stage. It’s your recent destination for business constructing advice and how-to discussions with experts who’re deep within the trenches, able to share their knowledge and answer your questions. 

On the Builder Stage you possibly can expect to learn methods to construct your early VC network, finding product-market fit early and negotiating your first term sheet amongst many other topics of immediate value to any founder.

Along with topic-specific sessions, you possibly can expect several fireside chats with today’s biggest founders and investors. With this recent stage, Disrupt 2023 is reaffirming its mission — supporting founders, builders and investors across your complete startup spectrum.

Latest and more ways to attach

While the Disrupt event app stays an important connection and scheduling tool, we’re creating more organic networking opportunities where you possibly can experience moments of magic in a wide range of settings.

  • Deal Flow Café, our brand-new investor-to-founder networking area
  • Enhance your trip to San Francisco at After-Hours Events happening during Disrupt week throughout the town
  • Meet like-minded travelers in the various engaging workshops, discussions, meetups and Q&A sessions within the expo
  • Recharge and reconnect on the TechCrunch+ Lounge, where TC+ subscribers can network and chat with our writers and other special guests

Startup Battlefield 200 Returns

Last yr, we launched the Startup Battlefield 200. By making the cohort invite-only, we transformed our show floor right into a highly curated group of the world’s next big corporations. It’s considered one of the world’s highest-quality company showcases and it’s right there inside Disrupt.

We’re pleased to say that Startup Battlefield 200 will return this yr, and we eagerly anticipate the following cohort of 200 startups that can exhibit on the show floor — especially the highest 20 who will pitch on the Disrupt stage.

TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield program, one of the vital coveted cohorts to belong to, consists of greater than 1,100 startups which have collectively raised $13 billion and generated greater than 126 exits. Do you’re thinking that you’ve got what it takes to rise to the highest? Submit your Startup Battlefield 200 application here before May 15 to be considered.

Final Thoughts

Along with the whole lot we’ve mentioned above, our partners are one more reason to decide on Disrupt. Firms like Brex, Hedera, JetBlue Technology Ventures, Mayfield, Visa and plenty of others consistently deliver a high level of relevant content, educational expertise, resources and connection. 

Disrupt is the startup world’s big tent. It draws founders, investors, CEOs, tech professionals, scientists, policy makers, researchers and entrepreneurs. It’s where you’ll find inspiration, gain knowledge, forge recent relationships and find the tools to show you how to construct your enterprise.

Wherever you fall on the startup continuum — ideation, early, growth or late stage — we hope you’ll join this global community of makers constructing the longer term of tech in San Francisco on September 19-21. Early Bird tickets at the moment are on sale through May 12 — book your pass here. See you there!


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