Home Artificial Intelligence Demonstration of delivery social safety net using drones in Yeosu and Goheung

Demonstration of delivery social safety net using drones in Yeosu and Goheung

Demonstration of delivery social safety net using drones in Yeosu and Goheung

Yeosu drone demonstration city plan. (Photo = Jeonnam-do)

Jeollanam-do announced on the twentieth that Yeosu City and Goheung-gun were chosen for the ‘Drone Demonstration City’ contest project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Aviation Safety Technology Institute to reveal the establishment of a social safety net for delivery of products.

The drone demonstration city construction project is a project to advertise research and demonstration by discovering drone utilization models suitable for regional characteristics, proposing them to the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, and receiving government subsidies for projects suitable for industrial drone development and utilization service models.

With the collection of this project, Yeosu City secured 1.1 billion won from the federal government. Three corporations, Marine Drone Technology, Rainbow Research Institute, and Skyports-K, form a consortium to advertise ▲demonstration of drone delivery routes (island-island, island-land) ▲establishment of a drone delivery system in areas comparable to Gaedori, Hwajeong-myeon, Yeosu.

Goheung-gun secured 1.4 billion won. Seven corporate institutions, including Jeonnam Techno Park, Korean Air, Marine Robotics, P&U Drone, Chunpoong, and Nalda, formed a consortium to goheung Doyang-eup, Bongam-ri, etc. ▲ Demonstration of social safety net system using drones ▲ Demonstration of delivery of emergency medical goods ▲ Close-to-site Demonstration of life safety monitoring ▲ Demonstration of artificial intelligence (AI)-based elimination of harmful tides.

Jeonnam plans to link the drone demonstration city construction project with the drone demonstration and technology development projects already in progress, resulting in results comparable to corporate demand creation and commercialization.

As well as, it plans to offer drone infrastructure to participating corporations and grow right into a forward base for the next-generation drone industry by engaging in activities to draw corporations within the knowledge industry center and drone-specialized industrial complex.

“We are going to actively support the commercialization and commercialization of wonderful technologies and drone models to foster the drone industry,” said Kim Jong-gap, head of the Jeonnam Strategic Industry Bureau. “We are going to do our greatest to guide the long run aviation industry.”

Reporter Hojeong Na hojeong9983@aitimes.com



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