Home Artificial Intelligence Cumulative sales volume of 45 million Flu, All-Young Sale special event in March

Cumulative sales volume of 45 million Flu, All-Young Sale special event in March

Cumulative sales volume of 45 million Flu, All-Young Sale special event in March

(Photo = Flu)

Flu, the No. 1 body scrub brand, announced on the first that it’ll take part in the ‘Olive Young Brand Sale’ in March and hold a reduction promotion.

Fleur is holding a limited-time discount special sale for all products within the Olive Young brand sale this March. Particularly, for 7 days from the 2nd to the eighth, the perfumed body scrub (sea salt, sugar) is sold at 16,720 won, a 24% discount from the regular price of twenty-two,000 won.

As well as, Cloud Bath Bomb, which was released last month, is priced at 7,500 won, a 23% discount from 9,800 won.

Perfumed Sea Salt Body Scrub uses 100% Dead Sea salt, which is high in salinity and wealthy in minerals, situated under the world’s lowest sea level. am.

The sugar-based perfumed sugar scrub, which was released together, incorporates 100% real sugar in a soft sherbet formulation and real AHA, suitable for straightforward body care. It is alleged to supply moisture without tightness.

As well as, the Floo Perfumed Body Scrub boasts a 100% reduction in dead skin cells, and each products are said to supply a moisturizing feeling without tightness even after showering. He emphasized that it could possibly be used for a very long time with a big capability of 500g, and has benefits in each function and price, including a hygienic silver spoon.

Flu Cloud Bubble Bath Bomb is Flu’s first bath bomb time bath bomb. It’s a 200g product with a bigger capability than other bath bombs released by Olive Young.

Flu Cloud Bubble Bath Bomb (Photo=Flu)
Flu Cloud Bubble Bath Bomb (Photo=Flu)

A flu official said, “Because the weather warms up, coats and outings grow to be thinner, and the necessity for take care of exposed areas similar to heels and elbows increases, the demand for scrubs is increasing.” Demand for Fleur body scrub has also risen, so to repay those that love Flu, we’re holding a reduction promotion through the Olive Young brand sale in March.”

Limited-time special discounts on all flu products on this all-young sale are exclusively offered by Olive Young, and could be found at offline stores in addition to online malls.

However, Flu is constant its regular rise, achieving No. 1 in popularity and sales volume of Olive Young similtaneously Cloud Bubble Bath Bomb was released in February following Body Scrub.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com


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