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Creative Mind enters B2C market with AI composition service

Creative Mind enters B2C market with AI composition service

Ahn Chang-wook, CEO of Creative Mind, is explaining the marketing strategy for this yr.

Creative Mind (CEO Ahn Chang-wook, Lee Jong-hyun) is entering the B2C market by advancing the unreal intelligence (AI) composition service ‘Musia’.

CEO Ahn Chang-wook announced on the twentieth that “Last yr, we supplied 300 million won value of BGM to Cellby Music, and signed a 2 billion won contract with Meta Construct to jointly develop an AI songwriting assistant.”

As well as, “We are going to launch ‘Musia One’, which has upgraded Musia service at the tip of April, and can provide a service that’s accessible to all odd people in addition to skilled creators.” are doing,” he said.

Musia One might be provided in the shape of a monthly flat-rate subscription. To start with, the strength is that it doesn’t require separate computing power. CEO Ahn explained, “The difference between Musia One and existing services is that by installing the software on devices reminiscent of PCs and mobile devices, the AI ​​composes the sound source the user wants, and the sound source based on it may be easily produced.”

As well as, within the case of other AI composition services, only the genre, style, tempo, etc. are input and the finished song comes out.

(Photo = Creative Mind)
(Photo = Creative Mind)

He also showed himself in technology. CEO Ahn said, “We have now secured the technology to create a 3-minute song of EDM, pop, lo-fi, etc. inside 1 minute.” Last yr, it was even awarded the ‘2022 Science and Technology Day Prime Minister’s Commendation’.

After the launch of Musia One, it also revealed its intention to expand the B2C model to the education field. To this end, since last yr, it has introduced an AI composition assistant service on a pilot basis to middle schools in Seoul, high schools in Chungcheong Province, and a few universities. It’s a method to expand the market based on the precedent utilized in actual regular music classes.

CEO Ahn said, “It is rather regrettable to limit the business to AI composition itself.”

Meanwhile, Creative Mind began to attract investment in earnest. We’re currently conducting IR for 3 firms.

Reporter Hojeong Na hojeong9983@aitimes.com



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