Home Artificial Intelligence Coreline Soft to showcase AI solutions at ‘AAPM 2023’ and ‘SCCT 2023’

Coreline Soft to showcase AI solutions at ‘AAPM 2023’ and ‘SCCT 2023’

Coreline Soft to showcase AI solutions at ‘AAPM 2023’ and ‘SCCT 2023’

(Photo = Coreline Soft)

Coreline Soft (CEO Kim Jin-guk, Choi Jeong-pil), an organization specializing in medical artificial intelligence (AI), announced on the twenty first that it would take part in the medical physics society ‘AAPM 2023’ and the cardiovascular CT skilled society ‘SCCT 2023’ held in the US in July.

First, from the twenty third to the twenty seventh, we’ll take part in the Association of Medical Physicists ‘AAPM 2023’ held in Houston, USA. On the Medical Physics Conference attended by life science researchers from all over the world, AI-based fully automatic contouring solution ‘AVIEW RT ACS’ can be demonstrated. That is an AI solution that helps precise radiation treatment by fully robotically performing contouring work before cancer treatment planning. Last 12 months, it passed medical device certification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and was recognized for its technological prowess in organ division performance.

Then, from the twenty seventh to the thirtieth, they may attend ‘SCCT 2023’ held in Boston, USA. ‘SCCT 2023’ is a cardiovascular computed tomography society composed of members from greater than 85 countries all over the world, and is a spot prepared to advertise research education and clinical excellence on cardiovascular CT. Coreline Soft will reveal ‘AVIEW CAC’, an AI cardiovascular diagnosis solution.

‘AVIEW CAC’ is an AI cardiovascular diagnosis solution that robotically analyzes and quantifies image data obtained from CT scans. As well as, the excellence of performance was announced within the American University Cardiology Journal ‘JACC’. The study was conducted by the ‘iDNA (Institute for Diagnostic Accuracy)’, which consists of the ‘NELSON’ team, Europe’s largest lung cancer screening clinical trial, and drew attention because the world’s first case to confirm the competitiveness and safety of an AI heart disease diagnosis solution by comparing it with an experienced reader.

Coreline Soft’s global expansion is cruising. Last June, it concluded a contract to provide key solutions, including ‘AVIEW LCS PLUS’, a chest disease simultaneous diagnosis solution, to Catania University Hospital, Italy’s top-notch medical school. In February of this 12 months, it signed supply contracts with hospitals corresponding to ‘Clinique du Parc ELSAN’, operated by France’s largest private hospital group ‘ELSAN’, hospitals affiliated with ‘St. Augustinus Group’, a big German healthcare group, and ‘AZ Delta’ in Belgium, accelerating its entry into the European market.

The rationale why major hospitals introduce the product seems to have had a big effect on the most important references that Coreline Soft performed in Europe in addition to the technology of the product. Coreline Soft preoccupied the worldwide lung cancer screening project by successively winning orders from the European Lung Cancer Screening Project (4ITLR), Germany’s Lung Cancer Screening Project (HANSE), and Italy’s Lung Cancer Screening Project (ILSP) hosted by the European Union (EU) and involving five European countries.

Meanwhile, the ‘Shinhan No. 7 Pack’ and merger securities report submitted by Coreline Soft to the Financial Services Commission were approved in July and have become effective. Afterwards, it would be listed on the KOSDAQ market in September after going through a process corresponding to a shareholders’ meeting for approval of the merger.

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com



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